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What determines whether a delivery will be featured in the live portfolio?

I have completed 10 orders now on the following gig (, though have only seen 3 of these implemented in my live portfolio. I would much rather it if every design was included, so people could see up-to-date, live examples of my work. What’s the deal with this?

I would very much appreciate an answer or at least some feedback.



The buyer gets to decide if they want the work to show or not when they publish a review.

it’s just like if you were working on your own freelancing, you would always want to get the permission of a client to use their work for your own advertising purposes. Buyers can ‘uncheck’ the box so their stuff is not on there. Not everyone wants their custom work used and shown for advertising purpoes, not everyone wants to tell people where they got it from.

Reply to @mgjohn78: thank you for the reply. appreciate it.

Reply to @sincere18: understood. thanks for elaborating on that, and well-explained too.