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What did I say wrong?

I think all of us are here to improve and learn.

In your opinion what did I say wrong here? I build chatbots and I asked for the website link so I could better understand the services offered by the user and the possible FAQs so I could say the difference between my packages and my prices.

Well, the user didn’t seem very happy about that. Perhaps he thought I was doubting what he said…

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They clearly misunderstood your question. Maybe language or culture barrier.

You may want to explain this misunderstanding as first.

You need it as reference for custom offer at this moment, right?

Certainly, building chatbot for them will require access to their site sooner or later…

Some buyers are incredibly secretive … even about websites that are in public view.

If you’ve already accepted an order, do your best. If not … well, I’d be inclined to turn them down and move on …