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What difference you are offering?

You just opened your shop and offering the products to the Customer and the same product is selling by the other people too. Why should people buy from you? What difference you are offering? What different marketing strategies you are doing? Have you asked these questions to yourself before preparing your Gig?


#1 Because I offer quality and variety for an amazing price point
#2 Difference in customer care, not money. Eloquency (test). For example: What difference are you offering?
#3 I do my best work and share my honest opinion and beliefs without hiding my funny side
#4 Yes.


You are such an inspiration my friend.

  1. I am passionate about and skilled with writing, provide thorough work, and will do everything I can to ensure my final product is high quality.
  2. Are you asking how I’m different? I am different because I truly want to provide good work and am a perfectionist; I’m not strongly motivated by credit or money.
  3. I am working to SEO optimize my gigs, send offers to buyer requests I would do well with, and share my gig link on any social media where people might be interested.
  4. Yes, I have.
  1. I have made studies in video/audio production
  2. I target a specific public for my services and what they need
  3. I worked for popular streamers and youtubers so I already had experience before joining so I’m sure and trust in myself
  4. My gig has epic video/thumbnail showing that I do video editing for long term, I also tell buyer I do free youtube outro for my regulars.
  5. Reviews on my profile confirm the 4 first reasons.

You ask a good set of questions.

I’m not so sure I stand out too much from my competitors but let me see if I can explain what makes me different from some of them.

  • I am a published writer (7 eBooks, several other printed titles).
  • I am a former newspaper owner/publisher who handled daily editorial duties.
  • I am a former broadcaster who was the Assistant Manager and Advertising Sales Manager of a radio station that required me to sell, write and produce radio ads daily.
  • I am a professional (40+ years of experience in media/marketing).
  • I am not here to gather stats. I am here to provide clients with reliable, well-written content.

I guess that’s my answer today.

It may be different tomorrow.


1: I’m skilled at probing and ‘translating’ what people have in their heads onto paper.
2: Admittedly not much. I’m not the best, but I can communicate clearly, and I’d like to think that shows in my conversations.
3: None at this time. Working on setting myself up elsewhere.
4: Before, during, after. Again and again and again. In business, if you can’t reevaluate, if you can’t adapt, you die.


Big fan of You and @imagination7413. Thanks for your continuous effective advice.

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Interesting questions! It’s hard to stand out from the crowd, specially in my field - graphic design. But here are my answers…

Because I always try to understand the buyer’s need and try my best to provide it + I offer my services at a reasonable price.

I know there are lots of graphic designers who are better and more skilled than me, I know there are also other similar services as mine, but I am focused on creating simple but eye-catching designs.

Research, learn and apply.

Yes, and I do repeatedly whenever I have “down moments” here on Fiverr.




  1. Because I am the best.

  2. I actually know how to spell in my native language compared to most people selling Danish translations here. :joy: It is especially a problem when you get into a thing called “sammensatte ord”. It is something you learn in the second grade, but I have noticed that most Danish translators here don’t know about it when I proofread their work. If you cannot even get that right, you have no business selling here.

  3. Well, I am positioning myself quite clearly if you look at the text in my gig images. You may say that the images themselves are not that pretty, but the text is a very effective tool for positioning yourself in the marketplace.

  4. Of course. But most importantly: I was a buyer for 18 months before I became a seller, so I know exactly what buyers are looking for (even depending on their budget) when browsing Fiverr.

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Nice question. Every seller should ask this question to own self before creating gig. It will help him/her to create a perfect gig. :heart:

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