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What difficulties are you facing

As a business owner what are the three main issues you are facing? Would love to hear from you and hopefully I can help you out in answering your questions.

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My main difficulty currently is trying to get views! Just started today as an already professional pixel artist and my gigs don’t even show up in the search bar. I’ve contacted support so hopefully that helps…eager to start work.

If one thing does bug me though, it’s how people steal work and claim it as their own to get customers. It’s disappointing that people take advantage of others like that.

You just started today? buddy you got to have patience. it takes time to get views and time to get customers to purchase your gigs.

Do research and see how your competitors are creating gigs and what they are writing in the gig description and their prices. Once you do an analysis on this you can improve your gigs and probably start off by charging less money and eventually you will get a sale.

When I joined fiverr 4-5 years ago I didnt get a sale for about 5 months. so key to success is patience and perseverance.