What do buyers see after paying?



Is there any way to run through a fake order and see what the buyer sees?

Is there somewhere which explains where the ‘Instructions for buyer’ is displayed? A screenshot? Is it above an upload box of some sort? Are there any restrictions on the filetypes that can be uploaded?

Thanks for reading. I hope I have not missed this info somewhere obvious!




Hi and welcome!

Education isn’t free, and Fiverr is no exception. Buy a few gigs and see what happens.


Buying is an excellent way to understand the process!

Just as when you receive a new order as a seller you are sent an email.

As a buyer, you are sent 2 emails–one thanking you for your order, and one requesting that you submit the required information.

Once the information is submitted, you as the buyer will receive and email letting you know that an order has been placed and that the countdown has begun.

If you notice a customer has completed an order, but not submitted their info you can send them a “nudge” or friendly reminder to do so.

Buyers then can keep track of their open orders and order history under the “Shopping” tab.


Thanks all. Very informative. I was planning to purchase a gig for my business, but have not yet thoroughly thought about what I want.

VoiceOverWork, I am not sure about the ‘Education isn’t free’ comment? The Internet is full of free knowledge and people wanting to share - for example this forum :slight_smile:

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