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What do i do about buyers that always find ways to cancel order after delivery

Please, I need advice on the subject matter. I have had a number of buyer that will order without contacting me to discuss price. Normally after receiving their order, I will discuss price and they always say when the job is done they will add the balance. But every time they will find a way to say the job was bad and escape. I do not feel their is enough protection for sellers. Please, advice me on what to do with this issues.

First of all, unless you’re talking about custom order requests, you shouldn’t be asking buyers to contact you first to discuss the price. All gigs start at $5. You have to sell something – some service – for at least $5. This is non-negotiable.

Second, all payments for services are up-front. A buyer pays for the service before the seller completes and delivers the ordered service. The funds are held until they clear and are then released to the seller’s account. There is no balance “when the job is done”. Payments must be processed within Fiverr. This is also non-negotiable.

It sounds to me like you’re not using Fiverr the way it is supposed to be used.

And, if this is so, we’re not going to help you break the rules.