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What do I do! help!

I recently ordered some work from Fiverr but the person doing my work is telling me to cancel via email
‘‘Your work is almost completed. Unfortunately, Fiverr has disabled my account without any reason. I sincerely ask you to please contact me on … for more discussion. I will be really thankful if you mail me as soon as possible. Check your email please.’’

That’s what he said
He can still contact me on Fiverr so I am not sure why he wants me to cancel then re-order? Should I be concerned please help

Well, there have a lot of possibilities. If the seller account is disable (still can contact active order) , he may want you to cancel the order and pay direct to his PayPal or bank, outside fiverr . And this is very risky , because there is no protection from fraud.

My advice is ask him why, if not , cancel the order via fiverr. And choose another seller on fiverr and pay via fiverr.

Although the seller most likely won’t scam you , but still very risky. You can lose money without getting the work that you paid for.

Yes that is why I am sceptical. I told him to show me a draft of the work and he said he would tomorrow evening. He also mentioned
'Due to account suspension I have made a new account and if I refund you here can you place order on that gig please. I really need that as fiverr has suspended my this account don’t know why. When we cancel order you will be refunded. And then we can make order on new account. ’

Do you think he is being genuine . If so should I wait and review the work . Thank you for informing me about this

I would be very wary about working with someone who got their account suspended. In 99.99% of cases, there is a very good reason why they got suspended. When they say there is no reason, they are usually lying or not telling the whole story.

They are also not allowed to create a new account after being suspended as it is ban evasion and defeats the purpose of a ban.

I would cancel the order and work with another seller.

Also, contact or payment outside of the platform is against the TOS.

He might be genuine as his story sounds 100% legit. However this doesn’t change the fact that if his account got suspended, he must have done something serious against the ToS.
Also the fact that he is writing you via e-mail and that he has created a new account, it still against the ToS.

I wouldn’t work with such a seller.

That alone is a new breach of ToS, that account will get suspended as well. It’s just a matter of time.

He did a project for me and it was great , this is the second time Ive asked him to do a project and he’s mentioning this so I am waiting for tomorrow to see what he has done so far.

Thank you everybody.

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