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What do i do if a customer avoids paying?

He originally offered “exposure” then he said he’ll pay, so I do the art and show him how it is going and now he refuses to pay. I feel like he sniped the pixel art pokemon I made and I want money. He says he has paid me but I see no proof.

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He suppose to order before you do anything for him…


he wanted to see what it would look like i feel dumb now. I was excited as it was going to be my first order

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Never ever start work without a formal order appearing in your dashboard.

Fiverr is a business platform. You can’t, and you shouldn’t, offer work for free.

It sounds like you have been conned.

But fundamentally, you shouldn’t have started any work for this person.


Sadly there is a lot of this buyers asking for a SAMPLE or a DEMO work for free and then promising they will order but they are here just to take advantage of desperate sellers and steal their work

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I just wanted my first order and my first positive rating. i guess i got to excited. I feel like an idiot

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I am also new i have 0 orders in 5 days 3 guys contacted me with the same SAMPLE/DEMO work promissing they will buy , i refused all of them cause i knew where is this going to go


If it helps, many new sellers have done the same thing, so you are not alone.


HE SAYS THAT HE WANTS MORE BUT HE WILL PAY AT THE END FOR 50. I can’t believe i was so easily cheated, he kept adding more promising more pay at the end. :frowning:

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no worries learn from your mistakes :blush: in the future never ever do any work for free , you are in a marketplace community and you are a seller you have some skills and you have some prices if anyone wants to work with you they must pay the prices for the value of the work you provide to them


It’s a hard and valuable lesson to learn.

I have been selling on Fiverr for seven years, and in my experience most buyers are good honest people.

However, the forums are littered with stories of how scammers target inexperienced sellers to get work for free.

The golden rule around here is never do any work for a prospective client unless you have first received notification of an order.

No matter what they say, no matter what excuse they give - don’t start work until you have an order.

Also be very wary about providing samples. What you might think of as a sample, might in fact be good enough for the prospective buyer to use for their purposes - again they walk away with free work.

Being excited is good, but keep your wits and common sense about you. Good luck!


oh and by the way have you meet those buyers who ask you questions if you can do that and that and you say yes you are capable of doing the work and they never respond ? :))))
in this 5 days i have my inbox full of those kind of messages , i mean they see the service they ask if it can be done you say yes and they nothing :))

Reply “ok, take care!“ and block him.


I have one that said hello how are you then nothing. BTW an update he is barraging me.

“Well I’ve paid I’ve done everything I don’t know what you want from mr”
“Do you think that a game with 1k players would scam it would ruin rep It makes no common sense”
“I hope you agree and what happened to you trusting me”
“Well I payed I can’t do any more I’ll just need to find someone else”

Do not waste anymore time talking to this scammer. He has taken advantage of you and wants to see if he can more get free work from you.

Take @zerlina84 advice and be done with him.

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If he “payed” you can ask him “please send me an order number that was generated for you when you payed for my services as I can’t see anything on my end.”

That’s just in case you want to confront him. However I’m pretty sure he’s just scamming you.

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Some non-scammer clients also get scammed so to build trust with your customers in future- while avoiding the risk, perhaps keep a few samples of your work, which you could show to your buyers as an example of your service. But do not agree to provide them with the required job unless the payment is made.

  1. If they don’t make an order, there’s no way you can be paid. Follow Fiverr’s ToS. Why would you do work without an order?

  2. No one who offers “exposure” is never going to pay you.

That’s the oldest trick in the book.

It’s a running joke among musicians. They can’t feed themselves with exposure.

You got scammed. If you undervalue your work, you’ll attract and fall for buyers who undervalue you, too.

For goodness sake, read and follow the ToS.

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