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What Do I do if I have not heard back from Fiverr support?


I contacted Fiverr support about one of my buyers not following the descriptions in my gigs, and not giving me all the links to their books they want me to do the work on, I still have not heard back from the support or the buyer about a mutual cancellation what will happen now?.


Thank you for posting your query, how long has it been since you contacted Customer Support?


Since Sunday and my gigs run out March 26, So I guess I will get a bad rating since the buyer is allowing it to run out without resolving the issue this is not fair. Just got my rating back to 100%.


Thank you Got a response from customer support they are going to cancel the buyers order, and this will not effect my rating.


Hi, I normally get same day response from support, but just sent one on sunday to with no response, they must be backed up…