What Do I do if the Seller Cheats with impunity?


I bought a gig from a certain seller based on his work examples he put on his gig. They are still there. He might have plagiarized from someone. When he delivered, I was shocked to see product.

He does not have any idea. He was ignorant about the product he was selling. I tried to help him deliver my gig. I gave him several suggestion. Still, no use! It kept on repeating till I lost my patience. And I raised a dispute. Asking fiverr to cancel and take action against the seller for taking me for a ride.

Fiverr only conveyed my message to the seller. He refused to cancel. And there seems to be no action from Fiverr. Except delivering his message that he cannot cancel his order.

As a concession, I asked the seller to rework. He refused. And there is no way of contacting the administration team to arbitrate. Does it mean that he cheated me brazenly and got away with that?

Is fiverr a pro-seller entity not a buyers one?

Can anyone please help me deal with this situation where a seller cheats with impunity and robs buyers of valuable time and money?


If the delivery doesn’t match that seller’s gig description, Fiverr will cancel the order for you as long as you tell them that.

But if the seller delivered what their gig description states, then I don’t know if you’ll be able to cancel. If you don’t like the delivery but it matches the gig description, then you can leave a negative review instead for other buyers to see :wink: You can’t ask to rework the entire order if it matches the gig description.

Did you know that many sellers around here think that Fiverr is pro-buyer? So that means Fiverr doesn’t take any sides :wink:


Thanks for your reply. But how do I ask fiverr to intervene?
BTW I am also a seller


The delivery did not match the seller’s gallery. And he can not do what he promises in his gallery. He is a novice to his own gig. How to weed out such guys?


The gallery’s purpose is to show you the seller’s portfolio, that means his/her past work from other clients. Saying that your work doesn’t match the seller’s gallery is a subjective comparison, which usually does not make a valid reason for cancelling (unless the gig description says you’ll receive what you see in the gallery).

Again, if you don’t like the work but it matches the gig description, then you can leave a negative review to warn other buyers about this.

So, if the delivery matches the gig description, which is the objective comparison, then you can’t do much about it except contact Fiverr Customer Support and ask if there’s something else that can be done.

P.S. did you know that gig galleries can show work from buyers who demanded specific things outside of the gig’s boundaries? this is why it is a subjective comparison, and this is why the comparison should be made against the gig description instead :wink:


I swear to god I see this post atleast once a day


I will advice you report to support center and possibly cancelling the order…


Ok so I was lured in and contracted with a writer to re do my resume - sent me a price and it’s was double what I was willing to pay - but I’m doing audits and work is crazy but resume cover letter LinkedIn profile and I didn’t have to do it - especially since they’re profile sounded amazing - 9 years HR recruiting - professionally done. I’m interested - except for the constant im’in - place the odwer? You there - hello ? Hello ? Hello ? I didn’t think much about it because I did need it next day and promise yes - once I sent the money - proof ! Gone and it was “yes I got the file “ … silence !
Not once did I get a single request for info, tittle expectations format pwrferrf. NOTHING !i the follows day -‘Reaume due date - at 12 my time I’m IMing “ just wanted t follow up since I have not heard back? “ did you have any questions? Repo se was short and abrupt - “you”ll get your resume “Thursday”
Then about 5 minutes later - I’ll have it over to gig in a couple of hours. BACK TO NOTHING.
Aeound 6 I’ On my way home - stuck in traffics wondering if I got played for $150 this person took my money and I’m jacked.
An hour later I get “dink”
I race across the living room jump over a sleeping dog grab my phone - can open ? This is when he text me back - you have to up load - ok …
And then I see my resume - and it’s awful!
Horrible, hideous even comes to mind.
There was this huge dark blue chunk strip across the top with my name in white letters which I believe might have been 14 front ? It was so “wordy” that there wasn’t any breathing room on the page. Text wrong font smaller then normally used and again “very wordy” or this had come across my desk by a candidate - In would have passed on it simply because I didn’t want to have to read it. i reject it.
It’s ugly - reply cane right back - offered to make it less wordy “I can change template” Ok I sent an email giving him another reminder of what I was looking for “ wow factor - something that stands out visually- pops - eye catching less wordy - would have have all the key words - ATA scan system -
2 minute later “dink” wow … it was even uglier then the first one ! The layout was tweaked - “ copy and paste? It lined up heavy on the right wirh smaller font on left bordered in white - ok what was with the blue and white ? It wasn’t done for the night I missed my deadline to turn it in to my supervisor - I told the writer I would point out a fez examples - because really starting “see what was being passed off as professional - was anything but missed spelled words , bad grammer. Incomplete sentences SOW than saint make senses or was “technically and Industry” wrong. I realized my HR was a fake.
I made a call that would set my blood to boil.
I was told by my supervisor - who I asked to proof the resume I just couldn’t.
It was the worst raume ages ever see. Littwrwly thwy room my resume, copied and pasted “key phrases is sent in a word dock and use those they had taken an experience -skill and used it excessively “like they figured added it in as may times as possible made it look professional AND THEY SENT ME A RESUME THAT WAS NOTHING BUT LIES EMBARRASSING EMBELLISHED ACHIWVEMENTS THAT COULD NEVER HAPPEN - Financialky impossible

  • it’s was also listed as being done during my empliyemwnt with my current employer- who I asked to look it over if - this was the last thing they were not going to be able to meet my requirements they lies about their skills and skills - and those words could have gotten me terminated for provide a falsie intentional statement for gain and Lying on my application. I work for a very prominent globally recognized “Aviation/ MRO/ Aerospace /defense/ military company (Goverment) I told the seller I wante to cancel the contract - it was very clear that they over stated their skills and experience nd knew nothing about my industry (which I was explained right off - I need someone who knows the industry it’s technical terms -“ I asked for a return of my find and I looking it over - they had used my old resume, copied and pasted my “SOW” in
    My own words and thought I wouldn’t motice- that I was extremely offended they believed I wouldn’t notice.
    That was the last time I received a text
    No apologies
    Non”give me another chance
    No. - I still owe you a LinkedIn profile.
    They took my money and ran !
    Like a thief in the night

… I do have one thing to say
“ In the world of ales and being a “ Sr account rep customers either make you or can break you some are unrealistic - but as a seller you can always say no. But you do good provide a good product and exceptional service - they will tell 50 people -
Youneobwhat was just down to me.
We will tell 500 people post it on every social media outlook known to women.
The final insult was getting a final email saying my order was complete - when the work per their offer was never done?
Shame on all of you for letting this happen.
The seller has not replied to any of my 6 request for resolution or services
They got my money
Why bother r