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What do I do? Need to give corporate details

Hi. I have ordered a few gigs and one of them is for business cards. I need to give the seller my details and when I put the details in I get a warning that I am not allowed to do this. HOW in the world do I get the seller to design my business card if Fiverr doesn’t allow me to put the contact details?

Are you trying to send the details through the messages, or on the order page? Sending them on the order page is allowed (I write About Us pages, and I’ve received tons of contact details to put them on the page, and never had a problem with it). The warning is automatic, but it doesn’t actually prevent you from sending the necessary details (although some users complain that receiving these details was delayed until someone checked them out and saw that they were a part of the gig, not an attempt to communicate outside of Fiverr).

If the warning worries you, you could try sending the details as an attachment.

Reply to @radjaseotea: Actually, if it’s necessary for the job to get done (like making business cards, they’re pretty useless without the contact information), you are allowed to do it on the order page.