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What do I do? Seller ordered gig, but his/her account has been suspended, and I can't deliver

I got an order from this seller day before yesterday, and I had just completed the Article. However, when I proceeded to deliver, Fiverr sprouted up some weird error where it redirected me to

I thought it was an error on Fiver’s side, but then I was able to receive messages from other buyers. I decided to explain it to him/her through the Inbox, but Fiverr said messaging features had been disabled for that particular Seller for privacy reasons.

Now, I clicked on his Profile, and I came to know that his Account no longer exists. What do I do? Is there anyway I can deliver my work, or should I mutually cancel it?

This is a question for customer service.

You should send a request for a mutual cancellation. That stops the clock from counting down, and if the seller doesn’t respond in three days, it’s automatically accepted. Obviously, if the buyer’s account is suspended, you can be pretty sure they won’t be responding to the request.