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So, after 700 orders finally had an unreasonable buyer that just won’t listen to reason. So basically, the order was for 500 words cause you know my gig is for 500 words. As you can see, he didn’t take it nicely.

And that’s it. So any ideas how I deal with this?

Ignore him brother. Compromise If you can other wise leave it on fate good and bad is part of life. Be happy

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I’ve contacted CS so that they can review the whole thing.


Yes! Thats better.
But to be very honest I donot know what is CS :smile: I am new at fiverr and much more new at fiverr :smile:
So can you tell me about CS
By the way I am also from Pakistan I read in the comment that you are from Pakistan

It was entertaining for sure. Over to CS.


That’s what I would have done! :blush:

Edit: I’ve spent a small fortune buying stock photos today. Going to sleep, before I spend more. Good luck and keep us posted.


Seriously, as soon as my brother gets a decent job am I increasing my prices -_-

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Don’t worry I will. Have a great night

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I’m planning to do the same. Usually I put my money into long term bonds, but with interest rates getting lower, now looking to buy stocks. I actually traded for years before starting on Fiverr, made money, lost money. Gave up after I started making money from writing and just saved everything in the safest financial instruments in India. [Unfortunately, missed out on the biggest bull market in India last 3 years. Markets went from 18k to 31k. It happened without me.]

I’ll love to get in the market but right now I can barely find the time to take a break for myself :’( so much stuff is going south.

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You have index funds in Pakistan? Invest in them through a monthly SIP plan.

I don’t think we got that here. I need to get a start-up started-up.

That’s a good idea…

Yeah, got a lot of friends with their own start-ups…I was supposed to be one of em…living the good life…but life ain’t that good for everyone.

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Umm, okie dokie, but I meant stock photos. As in the one I posted. :grinning::grinning::heart::heart:


LOL…(20 characters)

Let me explain:

The buyer argued:
no my friend, I ordered 1000 words as you advertise.
It feels really itchy when you read the line. Technically speaking, as your gig provides 500 words for $5 then 2X500= $10. You are the one who knows about the advertisement. If you are right in your position, then ignore him.

and As for the threatening: "I live in London, You live in Pakistan"
I take everything easy as possible. From that perspective, this line is like this: "How can I threat you from 3784 miles away. There is no reason to do that"
if it’s not like this again, then ignore… for good :wink:

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Yeah, that’s the thing. We discussed everything inbox in the initial messages he told me he needed 500-word articles. I asked his budget for each and he said $10. I sent him the offer and now we’re here. What annoys me most is the fact that he could’ve said that when he asked for the first change modification (which was also because of the buyers own fault)!

Do not worry then. CS is super helpful in this kinda stuff. They even removed/deleted a negative review from my profile once. :smiley:

Nayeem that you? Damn didn’t recognize you boy. [What’s with that silly profile pic? Bring back the original, that was respectable]