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What do i do when a seller doesn't deliver?

I recently purchased views to a youtube video. The seller wont reply to my messages and has not delivered.

I have emailed fiver customer support, but they have not got back to me and its been nearly 3 days since i raised a ticket with them!

Any suggestions welcome…


Unresponsiveness is a totally valid reason to cancel the order and get your money back.

The easiest way to get a response from CS, in my experience, is to tweet at them. Just for future reference :slight_smile:

Is it long overdue, did Fiverr inform you about it being late? Perhaps seller is busy on some other things or worst case scenario he is scamming you. I always try to respond to people who purchased my gigs if they raise any questions while I work on their order.

You can always cancel the order, go to the order page between you and the seller and click “resolution center”… Fiverr even suggests that you cancel if the work is overdue. The money will go back to you :slight_smile:

Thank you guys, i am new to this and it has put a bad taste in my mouth. It does seem as if Fiver aren’t policing this site, which could ruin what seems like a great idea.

I tried to cancel the order but because it has past 3 days it will not let me do this, only contact the seller, which is obviously fruitless. I have still had no word back from customer support!