What do I do when I see my gigs copied on other sites?


Have you ever found your gigs copied on other sites? If so how did you handle it?


Yep, like 5-6 times, even though I reported them to Fiverr CS they said they would take care, but nothing happened. Because they can claim copyright infringement on this site. Actually I am not so familiar with US law.

I did research and all of those sites were based in one same country.

Someone said that it would be better to contact the legal team of Fiverr instead of CS. However, I have no clue.


Thank you for responding. It’s not fiverr’s business if they are on some other site I wouldn’t think but I’m not sure. Hoping someone can offer suggestions.


Yes, a few times.

I laughed. :smile_cat:


Why did you laugh? I don’t want to be impersonated or have anyone think it’s actually me.


Try submitting a DMCA takedown claim at this link:

However, people said that we as individuals are not able to file the claim because our gigs are hosted by Fiverr which isn’t owned by us. If the services/gigs were hosted on our own website, we would have been able to file the claim by ourself. That’s what’s bugging me.

Mabe someone that’s more familiar with copyright law, can give us more info on this. But still is complicated as most of the “copycats” are based in a different country. I tried sending them an email, by the copycats did nothing as they know that we can’t do anything actually. :frowning:


It wasn’t impersonation. Nobody claimed to be Catwriter or (imagine my real name here). Their profile pictures weren’t my photos, either. And they can’t write like me.

I don’t offer my services on those sites, so it’s not like they’re my competitors. If they can’t do what they say they can do, they won’t survive for long, anyway; their angry clients will take care of that.

Because they’re just being silly. And dishonest, too, but I refuse to let their dishonesty upset me.


I get messages from clients sometimes about it. They do copy my description, graphics, name and everything:

I’m mostly worried it will harm my reputation if someone thinks it’s me.

I think you’re right catwriter. They can’t do what I do. Still, it is a concern if someone thinks that they are me.


Have you tried contacting customer support on that site? Maybe that would help.


Yes I definitely did. The person has lots of copied gigs.


Did they remove it? I bet that person has been banned on Fiverr for copying gigs and decided to try it out elsewhere.


Did you get in touch with CS and ask what steps they took since the stolen content is still there? What was their response?


I just reported it today so I will give them a few days.


I have seen some and requested that the site take them down.
On one site, they allow ANYONE to leave comments on the profile of the sellers so I left a scathing comment about how they were copying my gig with a link to my Fiverr gig :slight_smile:
It was a rubbish site and I doubt they got any sales but it made me feel like I had achieved something and that is what counts really.

Is it:


They copied my graphics that have my name on them. :roll_eyes:

Apparently they just did it this morning since it has the newly edited version. It says on my graphics “A spell by Miss Crystal, the first witch on fiverr” and the top rated seller emblem.

Another thing they are offering along the same lines shows a graphic with a picture of an elderly man as the spellcaster. His name on the graphic is “ram”.

Funny, currently I have my second ever buyer who is angling for a refund right now, claiming he feels something entering his forehead :joy:


Contact the other website CS.

2nd solution (the best !). Contact the web hosting company and ask them to delete the page with your images and your name.
They are responsible of what they have on their server and they don’t take any risk about stolen materials, personal datas and copyright.

2 weeks ago a friend of mine has phoned the web hoster of a website. 30 minutes after his phone call the page was “ERROR 404”


Excellent idea thank you.


Kudos to your client! I think it was sweet & thoughtful of him/her to report the crook, too.

People can be so wacky tacky, I swear! I mean the lazy bones of not removing your name speaks volume. :woman_facepalming:t4:


Exactly. I’m not sure the person can even read English.

Yes that client was grateful to me.


It’s your copyrighted content unless the Fiverr terms of service say they own your content here.