What do I do?


2 sellers have not given my a perfect 5 stars, but they will not tell me what I did wrong, much less even reply to my messages. I turned in my orders on time and made sure i did everything right… but it apparently is still not perfect.

The frst seller gave me 3.5 stars, which is still positive, but it lowered my rating by a few percent. The second seller gave me 4.5 stars, and I made sure i did absoutly NOTHING wrong.



I had the same problem and what everyone told me was to contact customer support.


Okay, thanks… Anyone have any other advice?


Well I attempted to see the reviews you were talking about to give advice specific to your situation. I couldn’t find your gig that had these ratings, did you suspend it?

Well unfortunately buyers aren’t required to provide a reason for their review. It happens all the time and there is nothing you can do about it. If you contact customer support, I doubt they will be able to assist in this situation. They won’t make the buyer tell you why or change their rating as its the buyers prerogative to choose whether they want to leave feedback and also to provide their honest opinion, good or bad, through the star rating. Most sellers have had an irritating experience with a buyer. Sometimes if the buyer has done something wrong, customer support can help to correct the situation. Unfortunately in your case the buyer didn’t feel as though your service warranted five stars. They didn’t harass you or try to blackmail or manipulate you, they just gave their honest opinion. You claim that you did nothing wrong and no one is accusing you of a wrongdoing. This is business and the nature of business is that you can be personally vested in your service/product and think it’s wonderful. This is your opinion though and it may not be shared by every customer/buyer you come in contact with. It’s good to know the specifics of why someone didn’t love it but if you can’t get the feedback then you just have to take it and move on. That’s really the only advice that can be given in a situation like this. Of course you can still talk to CS but I doubt they can do anything. If they took away your less than five star rating then they would have to do it for everyone and at that point might as well get rid of ratings all together.

I’m sure this isn’t the news you wanted to hear, sorry. It’s just the nature of the Fiverr business.


That helps a lot, actually! You are right, I should just move on… There is nothing I can do anyway, ad if that is their honest rating, so be it. Ijsut wish they would tell me if there is anything i could do to fix it… but I guess staying to the same topic wont do much good,eh?


Reply to @friendbear: I certainly agree that actual explanations would be helpful. However a lot of sellers have gotten less than five stars and the buyer gives feedback saying “awesome work”, talk about confusing!

I’m sure your experiences will be good overall, but on occasion this irritating stuff will happen. I will tell you what a lot of sellers do to deal with it (myself included). Post a forum thread in the “rant” section about how you can’t stand when…this…happens. This will let you vent and sometimes venting with co-workers makes you feel better that your not alone at least! It’s what the rant section is for after all :slight_smile:

Good luck to you