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What do I need to do after I deliver the order?

What do I need to do after I deliver the order? :sweat_smile:


Need to do party and enjoy

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After Deliver order. you have to ask the buyer what is his experiencence working for yours. If they have need to any change then you are solve this as soon as possible. Don’t late about this. A good buyer makes a seller freelancing easily. so take care your buyer as they want.

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you are right… thankyou


Thank you for your kind answer. I probably know what I will do next time. :grin:

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Just Enjoy the moment and feel lucky .

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Firstly you should thank your God
You should thank your buyer who gave you a good review to happy your work

you also do contact your running buyer to get the next job.

I hope I could understand you

Thank you

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That is the stupidest answer I have read today.

But congratulations - you help him get a pretty quick warning.

How about learning a little something yourself before you pass on your misinformation?


@lingyuhua as @antomtjvc is saying it’s not a brilliant idea to discuss reviews or asking for more work. I know this could seem nonsense to you because you delivered your gig and maybe you think it’s your right to ask for your buyer’s opinion or for more work. But many sellers had troubles discussing reviews/asking for feedback and something like that. Asking for more work could be seen, in my opinion, as a pushy behaviour.

Take your time to surf this forum and read some articles like

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Don’t do it! …. You Have Been Warned!


I think what he means@riponkhan21 is that after we submit the order, we can ask the buyer whether he is satisfied with the transaction and whether we need to make changes and adjustments, instead of asking for more orders from the buyer.I guess you may have misunderstood him. :sweat_smile:

Wait the Buyer reply what he say… if he satisfied of the work than he accept the delivery and put the feedback… if not satisfied than order put the request modification.

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Nothing to do delivered project successfully. Just wait for new order.