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What do i need to improve in this?

Can somebody with experience have a look and tell me that if my gig looks ok or i need to change something in it.


I’d say your gig looks awesome! The only thing I would improve is Response time, becouse one day you may loose a potential customer who may not be sure if he/she get quick response from you and choose some another seller if all else being equal.


I also agreed with you.


How do i improve my response time now? Someone once messaged me but i replied after 1 day. After that no one texted me and my response time is stuck at 1 day.

ok, check the mailbox :slight_smile:

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Thanks for helping. My response time is 1hr now :star_struck:

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You shouldn’t be doing that. Gaming the system.

You are also setting a precedent for people starting threads asking for people to help them game the system.

I will be reporting both you @k_balabaka and @mrasimhussain
for breaking Fiverr’s ToS.


Oh, it really seems unfair to that. I do owe an apology to fiverr.
Anyways thanks for highlighting it. It will help me being careful in the future. :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s unfair for me to report you for gaming the system?

unfair to whom?

Because you just tricked the system and did something unfair to all other users on here.


Sir, you misunderstood that.
I meant its unfair for me to increase my response time that way.

Fiverr staff will be looking into your actions shortly so this is all a moot point.

You can’t make a good business without integrity. Be professional and take responsibility for your late response.