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What do I need to know about buyer request's

Hey Guys!

I’m fairly new to fiverr, and I would like to understand more about buyer requests.
I have the perfect keywords for my gig but I can not see my buyer requests at all.
It says 10 offers left today but I don’t see them.
Earlier this week they were flooded and I secured two offers but now nothing! Is that normal ?

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This may help you: Buyer Request Complaints (Few Requests, Etc.)

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Thanks for that ! what i learned in if im a 0 level seller i will have a hard time seeing all buyer requests but ive been doing some research on the website and it says new sellers should keep an eye out of buyer requests since that is the best way to get orders.

So should i just be patient or is there a method to get orders for 0 level sellers?

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Think you just have to keep checking. Anyhow am sure the link I gave will help you.


Thanks so much !!!


Sometimes I just feel the buyer request don’t work. Most times for new sellers.
Even as a new seller, I get orders without using the buyer requests all the time.
The funny thing is that I don’t even advertise my Gigs on social media. I have never used it before.

When you start as a new seller, you have to keep your price as moderate as possible. Maybe even lesser than your competitors or the market price.

You can see this ebook:


Hey Joseph ,

Maybe this is luck because I did so much research before making this post and i have read the ebook as well :blush:

My prices are @ $5 I contacted sellers on fiverr that just review gig’s and help you make it better and one of them told me my gig is just fine and to give it sometime . At the same time my click and impression analytics are really low :frowning: I guess i just give it time ?

Thanks in advance !


Lol. It’s luck actually. Many of my friends has been asking me for the secret but I am like “I don’t know how it happens”.

When I created my account on April. I stayed online like forever reloading the buyer request page waiting for requests. Sometimes I get 1 or 2. The highest I have gotten since April is less than 10 requests.

And I started visiting profiles and liking Gigs. Lol

You can as well try the promotion, it might work for you.


Oh I see that might definitely help!
I will try that !
Thanks a lot


Same here :roll_eyes:

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I think the new system now has something to do with the evaluation date.
For the first time, today my buyer request is greater than 100

:flushed: That’s very interesting !

I guess there might just not be that many buyer requests that apply to my Gig :slight_smile:

One important advice I would give you is to ALWAYS personalize your offers to suite the needs of the buyers.

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I think you are lucky

Clearing my browsing data , logging back in and refreshing the page somehow helped me see more buyer requests.

Thanks for the advice, I’ll try this way. :+1:

I tried but not effective