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What do I need?

I really dont know who to hire>
I have a photoshelter website.
It uses google webmaster.
Photoshelter does all of its text inside of image tags
Google search console does not recognize my front page- images…Its like it knows it there but does not look
Since photoshelter does is not a text base website…and google does not see my images(tags) I am at a lost of you I need to hire to fix it…

While I am not overly familiar with Photoshelter, most easy build sitebuilders are a bit less SEO friendly than others. I am more familiar with similar builders like Wix, Weebly, GoDaddy and the others which tend to be very easy to use for beginners but struggle a little with SEO. They all have “SEO features” (as does Photoshelter) but these are often less than adequate and kinda hidden behind all the rest of what makes the builder easy to use.

As Photoshelter is aimed at photographers, they prioritize images and showing images above text content. As the text is generally Alt Tags and Descriptions, Google will really only show up image results in search engines. They do it like this as the main aim of Photoshelter is to encourage the selling of their client’s photos, rather than bringing people through text search results.

I know it is possible to integrate Photoshelter with blogs such as a Wordpress blog. This is what I would suggest you look at doing. As I mentioned, I am not so familiar with Photoshelter but I know this is possible to do. There are also some Photoshelter themes which either have an integrated blog feature or can integrate blog sites to them. This would also be a possibility. My first suggestion for going about this would be to contact Photoshelter support and ask them for direction on doing this. You can be sure that they will extol the virtues of their SEO features etc (all the easy site builders do) but look past that as sales-speak and find out what they can do for you regarding integrating or integrating with a more text friendly platform.

You may find that it is better to have something like a Wordpress home page with Photoshelter integrated to it. From a quick Google search it is a common problem and one that their support people should be able to advise on. After that you could come back to Fiverr to look at content creators, on and off-page SEO work etc.


Thank you,

Yea, Photoshelter is a presentation god, and work flow Clydesdale, that makes it almost impossible to just get rid of… but at the same time

its a nightmare when it comes to SEO Ranking…and Im always a decision away of moving on…knowing that if I do…I will get better rankings…but worst representation… and 10 to 15 hours of add on work per week of workflow it streamlines, its really a night mare…thanks for your ideas.