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What do i wrong?


Hello, i love the concept,
i make new things,
i’m here from 2013 but i get no views…

And if i hve to advertise for Fiverr… i send my clients to the others that do the same of me…

How to get more views here…


You need to remove your website addresses from your profile description and gigs as sharing off Fiverr contact details is against the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page.


For some reason the thumbnails that show on your profile aren’t the thumbnails from the videos on your gigs - I see one of your static gig images. I can only see the video if I click through to the gig. Not sure if anyone else is seeing that?

If buyers can’t see your videos without clicking through to the gig itself, then it’s a problem.

Please check it for yourself - it might be a problem at my end, but if it isn’t, it might be worth asking CS for some help?


ok, thank you, i will look for it.


Ok; i changed it…
Now i wait…