What do seller benfit to drag out a gig they can complete?


I have a big number of gigs that I have to click dispute. I have asked them in message before and i have made the rules VERY VERY clear. But all the seller want is to start the gig and then never complete it. What do they benefit from this ?
Are they trying to get me tired and keep the 5 USD or are they hoping to just scam the money from me? I do not understand their mind?


They don’t benefit anything. I am buyer and seller, and I had same experiences as you too. :slight_smile: They probably think, that you will just accept the work and be gone. :stuck_out_tongue:


There’s no benefit of “not completing the job”! I am sorry for you, whoever did this should not be on Fiverr.
Currently, I’m dealing with a buyer, who received what he wanted and threatening me to cancel the order.
So if you are talking about “scam” then there is not “buyer/seller”, they are everywhere. :frowning:


Told them 3 times to cancel and they just close the dispute and do nothing.


You can always try to contact Customer Service. If they don’t deliver the work and if they don’t want to cancel then you have the right to get your money back. Try to contact Customer Service and see if they can help you with this. :slight_smile:


There is a trick but the support told me about this we all should note this down.

> Please keep in mind for your future Fiverr orders that there is a grace period of 13 days after an order has been marked Completed during which we can cancel the order for you. After that time, the seller is able to withdraw his earnings from the order, and we may no longer be able to cancel it.


It’s in the Terms of Service; everyone should read them.


May be you should try making some changes to your profile so they can assure that you won’t scam them.


Well…maybe they ‘think’ that more sales will come from dragging an order? Well I don’t know. Never done it, never will