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What do spammers get out of spamming?

While I’m getting fewer spam messages than in the past, I still wonder: What do these people get out of sending a message with “Hi”? I have had the messages about jobs outside of Fiverr (“Will you just read it okay?”), and those are annoying but obvious. The plain “Hi” ones are not. Are they other sellers hoping to reduce the stats of their competition? Are they bots - but if they are, what are they doing? Has anyone here ever figured out why these people do this?


In 1% of cases “hi” means the buyer’s tentative and wants to establish a connection before elaborating on anything. You might even get a sale out of such interaction.

The other 99% just beg for work if you respond. Or offer to have intimate relations with them in a language you don’t speak (but google translate sure does).