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What Do You Consider a Review No No

As a seller or buyer, what is the line in the sand you think should never be crossed in leaving a review?


Saying something that’s not true. Saying something or rating in a way that’s against the Fiverr Terms of Service. Review exchanges/paid for reviews.




Lying, making personal attacks or even compliments (eg “She’s really pretty too!” instead of “She delivered great work.”), and ranting about Fiverr.

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I consider that complaining on a review without telling the seller first what revision you need is not cool, since we are not mind-readers. :smiley:


I think it’s really important for sellers to be respectful when responding to poor reviews. I get a lot of business from other sellers, as I specialize in memoirs, and many business owners (especially life coaches) use memoirs as a lead magnet. Whenever anyone messages me, I check out their profile. If they are a seller, I go straight to their reviews and filter for negative reviews. I’m not looking at what their customer said. I’m looking at how they responded to it.

I once turned away a project because the seller responded to a negative (but respectfully worded review) by saying something along the lines of “This guy is a crybaby and needs to change his poopy diapers.” Yeah, there was absolutely no way that I was going to do business with anyone so rude and unprofessional.

To me, it isn’t important what the buyer says, because everyone gets dramatic or lying customers here and there. Everyone gets customers who can’t ever be satisfied. What IS important is the professionalism (or lack thereof) that sellers exhibit in their responses.


Good points made. I agree with you. Responding in a professional nonemotional manner is important.


it was happen usually when a customer is new or maybe you are at the wrong track like delaying order, not getting buyer point of view and sometime you get negative review because may disappear and order complete within 3 days and customer think you closed the order even you cannot it but by fiverr so tell your customer before the 3 days if he not responding you.
I got 4 to 5 negative reviews by this way and i modified to 5 star by explaining situation.