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What do you consider a revision?


What exactly does a revision mean to you? A few simple changes? I was given a script and recorded it exactly as it was written. The client wants a revision but she changed the entire script. I’m going to do it but I just wanted to clarify what you consider a simple revision.


I remember seeing some topics about that few days ago, but in short - that is not a revision (except if you wrote otherwise in your gig description or your conversation). :wink:

Example of offer:
I will design you Cover image with 3 transportation images, your logo and 2 lines of text.

Acceptable revision: Can you change image 1 with image 3 please? or I found little mistake, can you please change second line of text to this…

Not acceptable revision: Hey, well I like that, but I got another idea. Could you make one big image in background, and 4 other images in corners of cover image? Also, I don’t like those transportation images, can you make vacation theme images?



That’ more like it PERSONAL choice i guess, People starving here, Giving start to their freelance career i assume would change entire script not only once but twice, Reason is common they don’t receive enough sales. On the other hand a seller with loads of orders pending wouldn’t give a damn and throw dispute.

I have enough reviews but i really really work here to make my clients happy, So for me it could be both the factors altogether.


Thanks for clarification. This was helpful.


Yea that makes sense. I currently fall into the starving category so I’m doing it all over for the client. I hate to leave a client unhappy but it seems sometimes we can get taken advantage of.


Unlimited revision is part of My service untill customer satisfy. after several modification he can ask refund from me also. that is the rule. If We can’t give satisfy product they can ask the refund.


Well, I am new seller too, and I really need sales to get my gig going on it self. Of course I want every single one of my clients happy, BUT there is a line, where I clearly tell them that they have not paid for 3 cover images, but only for one. Of course in nice manner as I am proffesionalist and manners are one of most important things.