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What do you do about buyers that directly compete with each other?

This happened to me last week. I received an order for 2 blog posts from someone who operated a service (don’t want to talk about what kind of service as it’s kind of unique and they might be reading here for all I know) in a specific city. They wanted articles with strong calls to action that talked about how they are the best in the area, etc.

Two days after that an entirely different person ordered 5 articles and their company is a direct competitor to my previous buyer. They perform the exact same service in the exact same city.

I chose to fulfill both orders but now I feel kind of bad about it. Ultimately I decided if I didn’t write the content someone else would so it wouldn’t matter…but at the same time is it right for me to say “Here is why Company A is the best:” and then turn around and write an article that says “Company B is the best because…”?

Has that ever happened to anyone else? Is there some unspoken ethical code that suggests I should have cancelled one of the orders?

I get a lot of orders from companies that offer similar services to other buyers I have worked with, but they usually operate in different states or countries so I don’t give it a second thought but this is the first time that two companies offer the same service in the same city and it just seems weird.

Unless you have a non-competition or non-disclosure agreement with them, do the work for the other side too. It happens all the time to me with political ads.

I’ll sign non-competition agreements for $500. For $5, nope. That’s MY business that’s being infringed upon. For fiverr prices, certain things should be understood. One is that there is no contract beyond the scope of the Fiverr order and TOS.

I used to know a piano bar guy at a college campus who would play the opposing team’s fight song until $200 was collected from all the students in the room, then he would play their fight song, until the opposing team paid $200, and back and forth. I watched him make over 2 grand in five minutes one night. Milk it for all it’s worth. It’s business.

Also, it’s just not the Fiverr business model. Here, if someone orders a gig, you do it. Canceling gigs is a last resort.

Reply to @liquidlettuce: Well said.

Your job is to write, their job is to do marketing and compete in their niche. You write and let them care about competition :smiley:

I had similar situations few times but in my case I can’t work for 2 people in the same niche. I do SEO and when I am paid to rank someone high for some keyword then that keyword is not accepted anymore.