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What do you do during a dry period?


Well. This is kind a sad. I have had no sales this week. No messages, inbox etc… What do you do when you guys have a dry period? Practice? what else?


I am lucky in that I do readings for other services on the net as well as in person, so Fiverr isn’t my only source of income for what I specialize in.

If Fiverr is the only place you offer your services, it might be time to go over the Gigs you have and fine tune them, add videos if you don’t have them, add new tags, see what the “top/featured sellers” are doing that you may not be (do they offer more/faster etc?) and the obvious, would be learn how to promote your Gig outside of Fiverr. In most popular categories here, if you are not on that first page, it can be hard to garner sales, therefore, you have to find ways to “bring” people to you. Do you have a blog? Are there forums on the net that cater to your expertise? Got a FB or Twitter account dedicated to your Fiverr success?

I am like you, in the sense, I can go for a few days without a peep (I seem to get orders near the end of the week and into the weekends). I think on a site like this, you have to promote the heck out of yourself!



I’m not having a dry period but I’m having a period where I am unable to work–

I know I’ve spent this time finding out ways to make my gig even better and brainstorming future ways to promote sales :slight_smile:


I will most likely try to find out why the sales stopped. Is it the quality, if so I will practice. Is it the marketing thingy, then I’ll promote my current gigs, do bit of research of what is selling on fiverr currently or try to come up with new gig ideas. I also do some online marketing and find people in need of help on Request Gigs™, etc.

That will occupy me all day. :slight_smile:


Like OBG, I work on making my current gigs better and promote promote promote. Marketing is key with any and every business. :slight_smile:


I’ll change up the pictures or search for different ways to promote my gigs outside of Fiverr.


I just went two weeks without a gig and then had had 9 orders on one day! It happens!


I was wondering about dry periods myself. Does Fiverr have kind of a cyclical rotation of where we show up when people are browsing for gigs to choose from?

I’ve only been a seller for about ten days. For a week my gigs were on fire and every job I did received rave reviews. But now I’ve had two days of dead silence.


Reply to @thevoicemachine: That’s encouraging.


During dry period, I make new gigs at certain timing to get buyers.

Of course any old gigs I have that does not bring me any orders anymore, I delete it.

It’s always the newest gigs will get the most views.


I wonder how the editorial team picks gigs to feature. Is it all luck? I see new gigs at the front page sometimes and although they don’t have sales, I believe the exposure helps.


I’m a new seller here, so I’m clearly not an expert. But in my planning for the new gig I’m about to launch, I tried to work in a strategy for what to do when sales drop. Knowing what I do about my industry, that will likely be some time in the middle of summer (when people are more concerned about vacations than working) and the holidays (when people are spending all their money on gifts and travel and not their businesses). So here’s what I’m planning for those periods:

  • List-building (so that I can keep in contact with past and potential buyers to announce new gig extras or new gigs to them)

  • Staying Active on Social Media (regular posts to my blog and regular participation on social networks so that I stay on people’s minds)

  • Press Release (Slow periods might be a good time to add a gig extra if you have the ability to, or obviously to create and launch a new gig. Then you can put out a press release with a link to the gig page to hopefully drive a little new traffic.)

  • Bonus Giveaways (so I can entice those who might click on my gig by offering them a free bonus related to the service being sold)

    I think the second option will be extremely important, since everyone likes free stuff (that is, free stuff with some value). Perhaps you can offer the next 10 or 20 or even 30 buyers a free bonus. Then keep up with the sales that come in so you can create some urgency in your marketing as you get close to hitting the limit. I plan to do this starting out to hopefully boost sales since I’m new, but it will be limited to a certain amount of buyers. Then I’ll bring it back during the slow seasons to try and get another boost.


I go through periods of no orders then four or five of the same gig…i think its a random thing


I freelance on other sites and manage some of my own websites.

Using Fiverr is FUN for me :slight_smile:


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Reply to @vedmak: lol yes you do not have a dry period on fiverr and its magical, that is very helpful, thanks!


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Reply ro @vedmak: Now that is what I call one solid advice, sir magical vedmak.


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@vedmak …going through your profile, I discovered am not much dryer than you are…lol