What do you do for fun?


Let’s face it: if you’re selling on FIverr, then you’re not living to work - you’re working to live! What’s the point in being part- or full-time self-employed if you can’t enjoy your life according to your own rules? So I’m curious to know:


Speaking for myself, I like to to roller-skate during the summer, and either ice-skate or snow-shoe during the winter. I occasionally enjoy video games, but I’m the sort of person who gets easily consumed by them so I find that it’s often a better choice to just stay away from that particular Skinner box.


Other than watching TV shows like it’s my last day on Earth?

Well, I’m a simple person who cannot escape childhood. My fun is drawing, colored pencils & learning as many things I can about this hobby of mine - but what differentiates me from a kiddo is that I took it to the next level. Beautiful art drawings, and superb coloring that resembles actual paint with the right choice of colored pencils.

Oh, and I also have a real problem: when I go to a store and see pencils, it’s impossible for me to leave without at least a set of pens in my hand. It’s an addiction, but at least it’s something that ultimately makes me have fun, my way of fun :smiley:

So, I guess you could say I’m no real fun :innocent:


You sound like the person for whom “adult coloring books” were made!


I used to read novels (Once upon a time :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:),now I really don’t have time for fun.I’m a lazyy girl.I love to sleep :sleeping:when I get free.:sparkling_heart:


@jamesbulls I thought I was the one who invented the adult coloring books concept :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

@anjylina I have way too many books waiting for me to read them. But I won’t read them yet, I’m still waiting for the Internet to disappear and then I’ll relocate to an uncharted island and read them to the natives :smiley:


I like to get outside and enjoy summer! This summer I am doing a Tough Mudder and taking in some traveling - like you said - why work if we’re not going to enjoy it!!


Now that’s some hardcore sport!


And so much fun!!! You should try one!


I do enjoy programming/creating visuals but that’s also my job. I dabble in music making but that bleeds into my job occasionally, if only to promote myself with “hey look, creative person here!”. Even computer games are somewhat tainted by work as I feel like investing some time in learning game engines like Unreal and Unity to extend my toolbox for real-time stuff.

But, as of last year, I also have a pure and true hobby; I practice archery. Of the bendy stick and a string kind like humans have been practicing for thousands of years.

@Woofy31 Ever since I touched a computer mouse, I’ve completely unlearned drawing but pen & pencil collections in art stores… :i_need_this:


@idostuff74 Are you preparing for the end of the Internet? because archery will take you a long way with those natives on uncharted islands :smiley: I tried it once, it felt… savage! :stuck_out_tongue:

When I got a wacom tablet, I was like crazy about digital drawing & painting. But once I had to put my fingers on some hardcore tools like wood pens and paper, and it was magical! Nothing compares to that feeling of actually seeing your hand do the art and feeling the tools, instead of watching the screen and seeing how art appears by moving your hand on some surface outside the eye’s view angle.

And I’m afraid to take a photo of my art supplies -people would think I suffer from kleptomania haha! Art stores are my friends :innocent:


If sleep is getting in the way of your reading, then you can always pick up a few good Stephen King or Dean Koontz novels. Those’ll fix your sleeping problem real good :stuck_out_tongue:


Tough mudder as in a foot-race through muddy obstacles, or tough mudder as in driving your 4WD jeep / truck / etc. through bumpy, muddy race tracks?


Once upon a time I thought I wanted to take up zen archery. Then I just didn’t do it. #TrueStory


Ahh yes - Tough Mudder as in the running through muddy obstacles and diving into ice cold water!!


The Internet is fun!


And Anime :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:


Hardcore gamer and pretty intense (novel a night) reader.
It’s my wind down.



I used to think I was a hardcore gamer, then I realized that I just don’t care to develop the fast-twitch skills necessary for dominating in FPS’s like Halo and Quake or memorizing the combos in fighters like MvC, Mortal Combat, Street Fighter, and DoA. After many years, I finally came to accept that I’m a very casual gamer who’s happier playing indy games like Hohokum, Binding of Isaac, or Shovel Knight.

I’m a little ashamed of all the time I invested into BoI :flushed:


For fun, hm well lets see woodwork, work on bikes and scooters, airbrushing, build websites, sometimes i have fun messing with scammers and hackers, sometimes i wait for a phone salesman to call just so that i can get them to buy a service from me, in the fall i walk around the woods picking mushrooms and taking pictures. And the rest cant be mentioned on a family friendly forum.