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What do you do if a buyer is trying to purchase something unethical?

A buyer just requested my services for a scam website. If I cancel, I suffer a negative mark on my account. If I follow through, I run the risk of ruining my real world credibility.

This is an incredibly frustrating predicament and I do not know what to do. I went to the buyer’s profile and could not find a ‘report user’ function.

Can someone, anyone, please help?

Your best solution would be to report the order to customer support. Did you try to reason with the buyer and tell them that you do not offer the service they are requesting? If you can get a mutual cancellation you won’t receive a ‘negative mark’ on your account.

Hope that helps!

Reply to @gingerwriter: Hi! Thanks for the reply – are you sure that’s correct?

The responder (@intrepidvideo) seemed to think otherwise which is why I am being so cautious:

Per customer support: if you and the buyer both agree to cancel, a “mutual cancellation”, BEFORE the time has run out on the order, it will not affect your rating. It does register as a cancellation, as shown on your analytics page (example: “1% orders cancelled” if you only have a few). If you request a cancellation AFTER the clock runs down, you will have a negative rating from that.

Reply to @solutioncentral: Yes, check out CelticMoon’s response below as well. If you follow these guidelines you should be fine.