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What do you do if a buyer leaves a bogus review?

So, I’ve been building up this account, making sure I only produce the best writing I can do, taking pains for prices that are quite competitive, even giving some clients incentives. I really take my 5.0 rating seriously.

And then comes a certain buyer called ‘she-whi-shall-not-be-named’. She had ordered from me previously and has given me 5 stars before. So when she came back for more, I didn’t hesitate. Even when her first message to me was that my prices had gone up. Yes, of course. Because you don’t charge $5 for 1500 words of high-quality work? I gave her a discount because…why not. I’m a pretty generous person.

Order was delivered on-time and I always made sure to respond promptly if they ever messaged, which was…not once after the order was placed. So I don’t know where she got her complaint of ‘slow response time’ when my response time is literally the lowest possible.

What do I get in return for being nice? 1 star. Seriously. How do I resolve this? Help.


Remove her name before being flaged, you should block her to avoid her to order again and then have problems again.


Welcome to the Fiverr forums.

I’m sorry you’ve had a poor experience, but the forum rules are clear.

Concerning your problem: Ouch. But: Asking for Reviews - This is what CS said

I don’t agree with what you’re selling. But one bad review can be recovered from. I’d be more concerned with Fiverr suddenly deciding that what you’re offering is against the ToS and Community Standards.


You explain your side in the response you make to the buyer’s review.


Considering her first message about a new order was about the price? Kind of sketchy if you ask me, or at the very least rude. Rates go up all the time, especially after first starting out. You can’t expect a seller to honor a past price, though many do feel entitled to it.

Honestly, I wouldn’t give discounts. You deserve to be paid appropriately, and just because someone is coming back a 2nd time shouldn’t diminish that.


I think your best response is to block this person and never work for them again.


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Thank you. Didn’t know sellers were unable to actually do anything about bogus buyers. Fiverr seems like a very one-sided platform.

She immediately blocked me after accepting the order. It was so bizarre. I’m just more disappointed that Fiverr offers no way for sellers to dispute this sort of thing.

Thank you. I’ll be firmer on my prices next time, considering they’re quite low to begin with.

As you can tell, this is my first post. Didn’t know Fiverr did not allow its users to actually warn other people of bogus buyers that could hurt their profiles. Also, I don’t ask for reviews. I am actually great at what I do, as you can tell from my other reviews.

I sell fanfic, fantasy novels, and hand-drawn portraits, too. But I assume you mean you’re against erotica. I’m sorry you do not agree with it. But it is a legitimate genre. Hundreds here sell it and it makes good money on Amazon. Considering there are quite a few ‘Fiverr’s Choices’ sellers of erotica, I’m not too worried. Should Fiverr choose to ban me out of the hundreds of erotica sellers and the other people who literally sell ’roleplay’ gigs, I can always just sell on Amazon.

You are in fiverr, don’t expect to meet smart buyers

Fair assessment. :sweat_smile: I guess it also wouldn’t be a bad idea to focus on better platforms.

Reason being that we only get to hear one side of the story, which I think is pretty fair.

I agree with @invaderroxas - the buyer resuming the conversation by mentioning your price increase was a red flag. As sellers, we need to be aware that not all buyers have our best interests at heart and act accordingly. I have blocked more than 165 previous and potential buyers on the platform. If I have a gut feeling they are going to be a problem, it has usually turned out to be right, and I will not give them the chance of hurting my business.

PS: I really like the font and the formatting in the image in your fantasy gig. Looks cool.

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Fiverr is actually the best platform to me, because it is completly different than the others, here we can make any kind of services, targetting any kind of buyers, been seen and have visibility when a buyer is looking for services.
Then in the other platforms we just pick annunces, place a bid between the hundred bids already here.
Then on fiverr, people come to us, I would have no chance with those systems for working in long term for gamers/musicians streamers/youtubers.
The only problem with fiverr is it’s community…

Thank you. I also had the same gut feeling. But I have a tendency to not follow my gut sometimes. Learning from it :smiley:

Thanks, man! I’m very particular about fonts and formatting so really appreciate it :slight_smile:

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True and true. I guess this is just my first time encountering such kinds of people. I mistakenly thought buyers here would have some sort of code of conduct lol. I shall proceed accordingly xD

Hey, what d’you stream and where? Happy to be a viewer now and again.

I am not a streamer, I make video/photo editing and motion designing for streamers and youtubers, they give me their stream VOD and I make 1 video a week for their youtube channel with thumbnail intro/outro.

Oh, awesome. Well, at least I know one person to approach when I finally get to setting up that youtube channel :smiley:

Yeah, if you want ^^
I’m just very overbooked sometimes, like, right now, some of my regulars have all ordered in same time, I got ton of work instantly.
Stress, pressure, anxiety, hard life

Hah! Happened to me before. Zero sleep. I quickly learned to limit orders lol. I actually prefer just catering to this one regular I have so I might actually just work with him from now on and maybe two other regulars who aren’t too difficult.

I’ll make sure to message you before I order one of these days to make sure you’re not swamped :slight_smile:

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