What do you do if the buyer accidentally hits thumbs down?


I just sold my first gig. The buyer sent me positive feedback and also posted a positive comment but put a thumbs down. I contacted the buyer and they said it was an accident.

Can they fix it on their end or is it a customer service thing. Have any of you experienced this?

Below is the offending post.



Just message the buyer to change his feedback…

I had the same issue happen to me… The buyer can change from a thumbs down to a thumbs up by going to the purchased gig…

I hope this helps!

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Jay & Fun-Goo



Thanks. I will definitely check yours out.


Yup, the previous comment summed it up. It’s rare, but it does happen. Buyers always change it immediately!


It’s all fixed now. Thank you for your help.


also CS can help to some times buyer an go days before they see the message. Just take a screen shot and send to CS.


when this happens you can cry for a while, then contact CS


Contact buyer, then CS.