What do you do if the buyer non-stop clicking the "request a modification" button?


Obviously I mean if the order is perfectly completed, delivered, the customer is happy with… But instead to leave a rating and keep the discussion about at inbox he/she non-stop to do it by clicking the “request a modification” button and the order is marked as “very late” when was completed on time and several days ago


Hmm… I guess you contact customer support. It seems to me that this buyer is trying to force you to do a cancellation and keep your delivered work. Difficult situation. All the best!


I guess you should have to contact Customer Care


If the order were a $5 one I would have requested the cancellation with no hesitation, you know, “don’t sell your soul for $5” but in this case the order is very valuable and a lot of time spent to fulfill it

I sent a message (one more) requesting keep the discussion at inbox and leave the order page

Good idea @happyspace and @qasimsultan, I’m going to contact the Customer Support! Thank you!


Did you try working it out with the buyer? If he’s new on Fiverr, perhaps he doesn’t know how modifications work? Personally, I’d mark the order as delivered once again and will leave him a polite message - something along the lines of “If you have any more questions or would like to discuss another project, I’d be more than happy to do that over inbox. But if you’re happy with your order, please don’t mark it as requiring modification, because etc etc”.

By the way, if he’s a new buyer - registered in July/August, you might be dealing with a scammer, there seems to be quite a few around these days. I think it’s just a misunderstanding and hopefully you’ll be able to resolve it with the buyer! :slight_smile:


yes. try to work this out with your buyer.


Humm… this is difficult. I can understand. If this is happening just toooo many times, it wouldn’t hurt to consult with customer service but at the end of the day, a mutually agreed cancelation, leaving you with your rating intact, would be the best choice. Good luck :slight_smile:


Thanks @netzela, that’s what I did, order cancelled


completely agreed with @netzela. finally this is what we can do… :frowning:


It’s really very very annoying. Some days ago, I also face this problem. I have delivered the work on time perfectly but the buyer doesn’t complete the work and asks for a new another design. He does this for four times and every time i had to design a new one. And finally I told him, " I have done a lot for you. Please mark the order as complete now". Then he completes the order and even don’t leave a tip. Annoying buyer!!!


It is better not to have any buyer at all, rather than having such buyer.

Some people are simply too difficult to deal with. No matter what approach you will use and how kind you will be.

But it is ours to do what we do best, following work ethic and best practices.

Still look from the positive side, here on fiverr and other freelancing platforms we can choose our own clients. If you see the client acts like that, just don’t accept more work from him. He will drain your energy.

I am freelancer for a long time (although new here on fiverr) and I have trained myself to recognize and distinguish my clients. You can learn about the client a lot from the first contact even before some contract or project is started.

Just my 2 cents :slight_smile:


I had a buyer just like that the other day. He would click the modification button just to ask me a question! I was just very patient and he ended up super happy with everything. I would not be surprised if it is the same buyer lol :))


This is the worst. I’ve had buyers like this. Sometimes you’ll just come across these buyers that think that they can get away with scamming you from your hard earned money. It’s best to let customer support know.


Good point @dimana_att, when I reply I close the order but the buyer opens one more time by clicking “request a modification” button, it’s frustrating

I always add a text explaining that the order is completed at the end of each reply

Thanks for your tip, I really appreciate


Thank you @omanbux :slight_smile:

BTW, amazing profile!