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What do you do if you can't do the job?


Hi. I’m sorry if this is located in the wrong place, if not, cool. Anyways I’ve had my fair share of orders that I have had to cancel and I hate doing so. Well I have it in each of my gigs that I want the buyer to “Message me before they order to see if I can handle the job” Some people don’t do this and it irritates me so much. I currently have a job with someone and I don’t think I can cover the job as the subject matter isn’t in my grasp and I have no time to be researching the subject.

Anyways, if I asked fiverr to cancel the order, do I get a bad rating? I told the buyer that I don’t think I can do the job and that I would like to do a cancellation.

Have any of you had to deal with this before?

Post this topic in the right area if it’s not in the correct one. Thanks!


Cancellation does not affect bad rating.


Thanks. And yeah I have “Message me before ordering” on each of my gigs. It doesn’t seem to help all of the time because people still order without reading the description of the gig. It just irks me a lot.

But yeah, I’m going to wait to see what he says first, maybe he can inform me better on what he wants, if not I will request a mutual cancellation.