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What do you do if you start working on the order but buyer doesn't reply?

personally, i added a new policy to the description : “if i start working on the order and you don’t reply i will deliver and we can still work on it after that” i didn’t use it yet. what do you think ?

ps : i did this because of two sellers that i waited for after the deadline and they cancelled the order without contacting me.

Reply to @imadou: I’m glad I could help, and I hope you have better luck with your buyers in the future. [=

Well, one, delivering empty is against Fiverr’s TOS and you can, and most likely will, get in trouble for that.

Two, how long do you give for the buyers to reply? Many of them are probably working in different time zones, or on different schedules, and it could take some time (possibly around a day) before they are free to contact you.

On a side note, you should never let orders run past the deadline. At that point, they don’t have to contact you to cancel the order (I think Fiverr may automatically cancel a late order after a certain point, but I’m not sure). If the buyers don’t send you the requirements, then you should cancel the order before it gets to that point.

It’s not a good idea. Either you deliver the full complete order before the deadline or you cancel.

This has happened to me several times.

When I thank them for their order, I let them know that I make my deliveries early so that any modifications can be made before the deadline.

When I get an order and I complete it I deliver it that way they have 3 days to respond with a modification request if they don’t reply after the 3 day period then it automatically gets signed as complete that way u don’t run into a late project just deliver your completed work then it’s on them to get back to you

I find that if the buyer doesn’t respond i still deliver the work with an option for them to have a few revisions.

Infact, it is so painful when a buyer just orders your gig without prior communication and also marks complete and rates negative without any communication to you or even asks for modification after delivering the requested service. Some buyers are just out there to spoil one’s work, watch out for them. I think good communication is the best tool to enjoy excellent services on fiverr

I my self had this issue several times, being gentle and polite is not enough for them to understand that they need to read the description first before hitting the order button, sometimes they say it was by accident, how could it be by accident going to your profile and then choose a gig and click on the BIG GREEN BUTTON that says ORDER NOW, that’s bad for us the sellers.

That’s not the only problem, as many of you have posted in this subject, the really annoying thing is when you do a hard work for a client even if he doesn’t provide enough information or in my case files and data, and then he requests modifications for about two times minimum, and then he cancels the order and simply says it will not work for me. i can even send you proofs that some of them are joking. My 3D imaging is very accurate even if the buyer doesn’t provide much to start, BUT i deliver even more than he asked because i love what i do and i don’t want my portfolio to look bad.

I am happy to see a discussion on this topic, when I first joined fiverr a buyer did not respond to my notice that I could not access the file they sent me and the deadline passed and my work was canceled. At the time I did not know about the mutual cancelation policy or I would have used it before the time ran out.

    • Don’t you think that it should be a policy that protects the sellers delivered job !
    • Don’t you think that the cancellation must be in an other way, where the seller can give his word about it, so other sellers can have an idea of what seller they’re dealing with !
    • Don’t you think that as the sellers, the buyers must have the rating and the sellers feedback on there profile wall !

I know this last thought i put was available, but why it is no longer available … but as the buyer, i don’t want to waste my time in making an order that it will be canceled after many deliveries, i guess that if i can know the history of the buyer i’ll have the choice to take his order or not, because accepting orders will affect the rating in a good way or the bad way.

Hi everyone, I was reading the problems with buyers. Buyers who do not fully read the description of what you are offering and then makeing demands for additional work have come up with me. Here is a question, I design video I delivered a video on time, I am always polite and ask for a good feedback. Many customers don’t bother, that is point number one. I had a customer I delivered a video to on time. Then two months later without any word of discontentment hit me with a negative rating bringing my 100% rating down to 97% this was a few months ago and I wrote back and asked why, they did not respond to me before, during or after the order.

Can I ask to have this removed under the circumstances? There really wasn’t any reason for it.
In addition it seems to me that the buyer has many more rights then the seller. We live in fear of a negative feedback. I also believe there should be some way or warning other good sellers that some buyers are trying to take advantage. Thanks

May be Your Buyers are not available at that time…Please try to make them positive…

I think you should definitly deliver the order before the deadline.
You can explain the reason in a simple and polite way.
The buyer can allways ask for a modification and you are good to go.

What i say normally is something like this" Hello, im delivering this order so i dont get bad reputation. Please send me your feedback when you can. Look forward to hear from you…"

I dont have so much orders but so far it allways worked for me. I believe(and experienced) that good and simple communication is key for a happy costumer

I will nudge once, if that doesn’t work, I will request a cancellation. I don’t have time for lazy buyers. How hard is it to provide instructions?

We need to wait for the buyer response.

I also had a similar incident where a client placed an order for a voice over without contacting me first as stated in my description. After I began working on the order, I realized that the script was longer than 30 secs as indicated and I contacted him to get a feedback plus I wanted clarification on delivery. I worked hard on the job during a difficult period and made the deadline only to receive a negative feedback which have reduced my 5 star ratings that I just started building to 2 stars. I was so devasted I wanted to just quit Fiverr, but a friend advised me to stay on. I haven’t received anymore orders since and I don’t feel motivated to continue or add anything to my gigs. This post was indeed helpful where I will probably contact customer service to request them to remove the negative rating if possible, and I’ll also add additional guidelines in my description for clients to follow. Thanks again for sharing.

This post has indeed been wonderful,and a greater motivator for newbie like me.I actually got my 1st order about 2 weeks ago and i responded instantly,kept communicating with the buyer,but he wouldnt just respond.After i got the job delivered and i asked for a review which he never did,he got in touch after 3 days telling\asking if a phone number be added which i declined initial.I eventually did his job within 30mins and got it delivered to him,the guy still rated me low.I really don’t know what to do because he got me so devastated.

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