What do you do if you suddenly admitted to the hospital?


If anyone has experienced this before, can you tell me how you handled it? Or, if it it did happen to you at some point, how would you handle it?

I normally jump right on my orders, but a couple of times very recently I have been admitted to the hospital suddenly, and my husband is not good with computers so he could not run home and mark me as on “vacation,” though he would not have left me at the hospital in the first place…

So when I get back and turn on my laptop, these have been the times I have gotten the most messages and sudden orders! I quickly apologized and explained what had happened in general to my buyers, and if they still wanted me to complete their order a little late, I would be happy to do so. Luckily, all of them have been very nice to me but I know this will not always be the case should an emergency come up in the future again (though I would like to avoid those emergencies if possible, haha)!

All advice or experience stories are appreciated! :slight_smile:


I usually just factor emergencies and unforeseen obstacles in to my estimated delivery times. The downside is allot of clients want their work done fast so they will just skip your gigs when they see a long delivery time.

Still i rather have less customers than to end up overwhelmed if there is an emergency!


I would lengthen your standard delivery times so you have time to handle this, or at least have time to ask a family member to handle it. Perhaps some proactive work with your husband would help? For example, you could write down–and place somewhere that he can easily find it–a list with your login username and password, and exactly what steps to take to suspend your gigs or put your account on vacation. This is actually a good idea for all of us, and I think I’ll do this for my husband too! You never know when something unexpected can happen and you can’t get to your computer or even phone.


You do the right thing – just be polite and be real with people. Emergencies happen. We’re all human and have families. Most if not everyone will understand. Cancel if you need to and set your Gigs on vacation till you’re able to return.

In the mean time, feel better!


I would lengthen the delivery time in your case.

Cancellations - either mutual or just regular - suck because they will lower your rankings/ratings anyways.


Almost all my work is done via apps and instagarm. So my phone is all I need to get my gig delivered. :slight_smile:


Phone app and excellent communication. With those two, you should be able to talk with your customers within 24 hours to explain and offer mutual cancellation.

If you can’t talk to someone within 24 hours, it’s going to be about massive apologies, mutual cancellations, maybe even offering to give refunds and still deliver an order, just to be nice and preserve your reputation. That’s what I’d do, anyway. Making sure to go right into vacation mode ASAP until things are cleared up.


Last january i was admitted to the hospital for a kidney surgery, while it was nothing major, it knocked me off my feet for 3 weeks, along with the fact i was admitted to the hospital in kingsport, rather than oak ridge where i actually live. I just had my mom bring my laptop to the hospital, and respond to messages when i felt up to it, most people will understand, but honestly if they dont, they arent worth your time.


Such thing happened to me. As my wife was near for delivery. Although i have managed the queue according to the due date. But the thing is some complication happened and our baby born almost 20 days earlier. Thank GOD she was healthy at that point and now she is growing well :slight_smile:

At that night when my daughter born. Obviously i was panicked about all the open order and some orders with modification request.

The birth of my First Child, that moment was also so much important in which i could not leave my family and cannot do any fiverr work. So being in hospital i used my mobile and send a Customer Support a request explaining the situation. I asked them to cancel all the open orders and the one’s which were delivered because of the possibility was buyer might ask for modification.

Customer Support was so helpful at that moment and cancel those orders and pause my all gigs. And at that time i was relieved from this situation and i enjoyed the time with my family. Total 80+ orders were cancelled and my cancellation ratio went high. Luckily i was TRS at that point and understanding my situation by Customer Support i did not get demoted.

After 2 weeks i decided to open fievrr again and i activated my gigs and i send Sorry message to all buyers of canceled orders. They do understand my situation and 90% of them order the gig again :slight_smile:


Reply to @wingle: Wow, how awesome that CS helped you out like that. Great job on both your part and CS’s part.


First of all you have to manage your buyer, and i know maximum buyer will support with you, they will be give you extra time, and that’s happened on me, and Customer Support is always stand by with you.



I think one way would be to write in the begining of your gig-description “please contact prior to ordering”.

hope that helps :slight_smile:



First you have to take note of sudden occurrence in any line of business that you are in. That is why with proper planning you will have include additional days even if the order or gig will take you 24 hours to complete, simply add more day(s) to it.

And if eventually you meet yourself in this scenario, apps can always help and even with the help of smartphones these days Fiverr business can be done on the move.

We all need to take vacation serious as well and also consider resting as that will help the body in the long run.



Once I got sick and I’ve tried my best to complete the orders. Since I had to go to hospital later one of my order got canceled due to the late delivery, Then my ratings drop from 100% to 96%. It was my bad luck what to do.


Reply to @rachelbostwick: CS is really awesome no doubt about it.