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What do you do if your gig isn't showing up in searches?


Just wondered, as my children’s book illustration gig got 100k views on it’s first day or two then nothing more. I did a search just now using it’s name (or what part of it’s name that would fit in the search box) and got no results at all after several pages, down to the less relevant search results and beyond. I’ll try again later, but it is odd. . . Should I talk to CS?



Hi Jon,

You’re right ! I certainly couldn’t find you in the first 1000 result. Now might be a good time to drop a message to customer support and ask if they can give your gig a boost n the search, I’m sure they’ll be happy to take a look at it.

Let us know how you get on. Oh you can submit your request directly here too:




yup contact cs but I would recomend updating video, discription ect as that alone can bump up your gigs :slight_smile:


Thanks Wayne and Matt, I updated the description last night as I figured it might nudge something into action. I will mention it to CS too.




No joy with it this morning. Also my ‘draw a cartoon character’ gig doesn’t show up either. I’m getting a bit sick of this.



A long story but we sorted it out. A misunderstanding with CS. They thought I was trying to post multiples of the same gig, when in fact I was reposting a gig that had mistakenly and erroneously been denied. (not going into it here) I assumed they had made a mistake and they assumed i was trying it on, so they stopped my other gigs appearing in the rankings. . .

So, no hard feelings now it’s sorted. They should appear shortly.


Thanks for the update Jon and glad you’re all sorted


Well, I haven’t actually checked yet. . . :wink: they said it may take 24 hours so I’ll leave it for a bit.