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What do you do if your seller stops answering e-mails?


I hired a gig for a logo. He sent something. I asked for a change in the font. He sent a very strange font, and I asked if he could send me the logo with a a few different fonts so I could see which worked best.

I’m new to Fiverr, so was requesting 2 revisions on a logo (changing the font is pretty easy, dammit – I wasn’t asking for extensive changes to the graphic) considered “too demanding.” The guy is still active, but hasn’t answered my e-mails for over a month. What would you do?


How many revisions did the gig come with? When you buy any kind of design work this is important to know upfront. And many designers state clearly in their gigs how many revisions are included.

Even though a font change is a small change, asking for a few different versions of anything in design, and for a mere $5 gig, may be a bit much on their end in terms of a time factor, unless that is set up ahead of time as to how many revisions you get. Did you only get one finished logo and that was it? Then you requested the 1 font change and didn’t like it? Or were there any other versions of the original logo itself along the way?

What I might suggest is if he gave you the original files to hire someone else and message them ahead of time and say you have a great logo, but you need a better font and would like to see a 3-4 versions with X type of fonts. Then if they say ok, ask them if any revisions come with it and then pay $5 and have someone finish it off for you.

Being new to Fiverr, are you new to buying design work as well?