What do you do in your spare time?


What are you recreational hobbies and loves in your life?

When you are finished after a hard day on Fiverr what would you do with your free time?


@OrangeWebDesign In these days I’m doing more work and my free time is only the Sleep time :wink: But from next year January I’ll start days with my Free Time. These days I’m creating my blogs very hardly while working on Fiverr. So I can generate more income and work less on Fiverr later.

But I’ll not NEVER stop working on Fiverr. This is my answer for your question.

I love Gaming very much and so much. So My one and only hobby is Gaming. I love to play PC games mostly. But I'll buy a Xbox next year from the money I earned from Fiverr. ;)

Except Gaming, I'd like to watch Fighting Movies, Criminal Movies, Assassination Movies, More Importantly Science Fiction Movies...!

What About Yours...?

Shyam - WordPress SEO, Themes Guy,


DIABLO 3 is currently taking up most of my time. Now that there is a real money auction house it makes the game profitable!! It was like a dream of mine that this would exist when I was younger!!

Other than Traveling… I am quite an active person so I do a lot of sports… Mainly Football and Badminton. Oh and I love Pub Pool anyone fancy a game when we pass through on our journey called life then give us a shout!!

An Xbox is on my wish list too hehe but I can only carry so much :frowning:


Games, Anime, My MMO, Kittens, and Thrift Stores.


Reply to @caiterz: I love how kittens is in your list. Do you do animal rescue? We took care of two foster kittens when we lived in Bangkok, they were so much fun.


They were not, they run around the apartment jumping everywhere, scratching everything and everyone in the place.