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What do you do on fiverr?

What do you work on fiverr? What makes the best results for you?

I have several gigs in different categories. My twitter-promotion-gig is the best seller. I didn’t get any sales for other gigs.

I do voiceover and translation. I also review products and play AO with you (check my Gigs for info).

My best sellers, however, are voiceover and translation.

Reply to @lennadesigns: Thanks for your answer! :smiley:

I do some photoshopping (if I may allow myself for creating this word), I used to work for graphic designing company but I left for freelancing, then I discovered fiverr and now I’m trying to find my place here. When the night is young and people are at homes I go out and pretend I’m a cat. Sometimes a snake. Well, who cares xD

I design logos :slight_smile:

I draw woman portraits. I’m pretty happy with the amounts of orders I get. Sometimes I’m curious where my drawings will be used.

Hi! I am a translator, English - Italian and Spanish - Italian. It’s my first month here on Fiverr and my best seller is English - Italian translation (*)

Providing products that customers need over and over again has been key for me. This really builds repeat customers. Customers that are ordering a new project every week.

You only need 25-50 repeat customers and your set.

How many new repeat customers can you add this week?

i found myself on fiverr because am broke so i have created a 3days old account on graphic design - ebook cover gig. am experienced but i heared of buyers not being interested in buying from new accounts without reviews…that my worry now.

Hey all, I do proof reading and editing and it is going slow but getting there. Such a flooded section! Good luck to all!

i do website promotion and i have to say this is an amazing site im making so much money on here now its wonderful thanks fiverr :slight_smile:

I promote Etsy stores and items, providing favorites, views, followers, treasuries, and shop favorites. It has been a fairly good market, but my sales have dropped of drastically in the last 2 weeks to almost nothing.

I do art. I’ve not really sold anything since I joined except one order yesterday (Exciting!)

I was thinking of adding more, but I don’t really know what to add.

Reply to @nm99602: haha I guess I have less sleep nowadays, I still don’t know how I wrote such comment yesterday :smiley:

Reply to @lellina: Good luck! :slight_smile:

Reply to @nm99602: Thank you! (*)

Reply to @probookcover: good luck with your gigs, I started without reviews like everybody, and after a while I started selling anyway!