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What do you do outside of fiverr?


Alright, i saw a post by one lady who cuts rocks for her job!

Just wondering what you guys all do outside of fiverr?

Me: I’m a bum. sadness lol. I offset my bum-ness by fiverr, ebay reselling, craigslist, etc.


key account manager - internet company


a fat guy trapped in a beautiful womans body!?? LOL i havent seen that one before :slight_smile:

caiterz said: Alright, i saw a post by one lady who cuts rocks for her job!

lol I wanna meet someone who KICKS ROCKS for their job =))
sorry I couldn't resist X_X

I'm just a fat guy trapped in the body of a multi-racial, professional spokes model, people loving, misunderstood and proud geek. (too much?) #igetdeepicanthelpit lol


Game all day long


HI! I’m the rock cutter. I make jewelry and also do a little stone cutting, I also work in the community doing grant-funded large-scale art projects with children in schools and community centers.

You don’t sound like a bum, you sound like an entrepreneur!


Outside of Fiverr I maintain Healthy Lifestyle Blogzine I’m a health freak!


great blog @thefacebookgeek! I really like your affiliate disclaimer, don’t see that very often.

metalriot said: great blog @thefacebookgeek! I really like your affiliate disclaimer, don't see that very often.

honesty is the best policy O:-)




I do web design for local companies and just started designing typography gear (shirts, prints, iphone cases)


I’m a freelance visual artist who loves to make hand-painted notebooks (all made from scratch: covers, paper, wire-binding and all!) while taking up an MA in Creative Writing :smiley:


I’m involved in various aspects of film making. Since it’s independent most people take on various roles. But I’m an editor at heart. But I also produce, do VFX, act, direct, write and promote. LOL.


I help the folks with the family business


Basically the same thing I do on here, only at a larger scale: I help businesses tell their stories for branding and marketing purposes - through online/offline media and through strategic long/short term campaigns.


I am a writer full-time, on a larger scale than on Fiverr; for example websites and copywriting. I also have a couple of online stores on Zazzle and Cafepress for my photography and some art work. I have done mystery shopping, website UI testing and selling on Ebay. I have been working online since about 2004 and it’s great! I’m also glad I found Fiverr to add to my list! :smiley:


Reply to @princemaxx: And you make excellent CD covers and video trailers :wink:


Reply to @thefacebookgeek: I have read your blog and am also a health nut. Great info on that blogzine of yours.


I work for the government


I’m into everything. Most importantly I take care of the baby :slight_smile: I’m into photography, modeling, acting, and make silly videos i put on YouTube…when I have the time.