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What do you do to stay focused and inspired?

I have been making music about 15 years now, and do 3d animation, and graphics. I love all media and have pretty much dedicated my life to it. Sometimes I get in low points, burnout, and need to find inspiration. I usually look to other artists that inspire me, or simply just go for a walk. If you spend as much time on your work as I do you know exactly what I mean. Minutes can turn to hours, and hours to days. Next thing you know, the slightest wind can blow your flame out. What is your spark? Is it even possible to know what will inspire you? It is usually a random thing, inspiration. It just hits you and then you can create amazing things if you want to. Or you can keep that idea in your head and tell yourself “I’ll do it later.” Most of us will forget these great ideas because we forget to write them down. I guess what I am saying here… is that I hope that all of you find your inspiration today… write some goals down… and get focused! That’s seems to be all I think about. Much love -Gm3

It’s simple for me really. I wake up and think “There’s a chance that within the next 5 minutes, you can get hit by a car”. Rather not take my chances wasting what precious time that we have on Earth. Might as well do what we love, and not wait in line.