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What do you do to take a break from freelancing? (HOBBIES discussion)


This week there were a couple of threads about managing your anger towards customers, how to stay calm, about vacation mode and similar. Guys, what do you do in order to take a break from working?

Usually, I ride my bicycle for 20-30KM a day (that’s around 15 miles), sometimes I play basketball or I enjoy my late night walks. And there are some days where I don’t even turn on my PC and I read books for the entire day

It’s intersting to share which is the hobby or the things that you do that make you forget for your work at least for a couple of hours. :slight_smile:

What do you like to do outside of Fiverr?(Pt.1)

I go to the gym at least 5 times per week to de-stress. I also commit to taking at least one day per week (not always possible). I think it’s super important to unwind – just because you’re not working a 9-5, it doesn’t mean you don’t need a break. :slight_smile:


Definitely. I think that in some cases freelancing is a lot tougher than a regular job. I used to go to the gym one year ago but I didn’t like it I don’t like to exercise in a closed area . :stuck_out_tongue:


I think freelancing is infinitely more difficult than a typical 9-5, but at the same time, it’s infinitely more rewarding. I guess it’s down to how much you want to sacrifice to gain the benefits.


Exercise is a great way to relieve stress. I do yoga and barre myself. I live in Boston, so I literally can’t go anywhere without passing a yoga studio :stuck_out_tongue: I also relax by reading and writing on wattpad. I love that website. Or reading books from the used book store down the street from me :slight_smile:


Well, either I have a deja-vu, or this was indeed discussed a while ago :smiley:

If I remember well, the last time I wrote saying that my hobbies include drawing/painting, feeling those pencils & erasers in my hand, the rough texture of the paper, the smell of wood from the pencils… or I keep learning something, like playing the piano (still learning), watching more drawing tuts/courses…

Oh, yeah, and I remember I also said that I love watching TV shows, and I’ve watched a lot, then someone in that older thread dared me to make a list, my list was long, but not as long as his.

– note to self: enough, man, we got the idea! chill!


Yoga is nice. I was thinking about taking yoga classes as yoga is the most relaxing thing you could do.

@Woofy31 - We had a discussion on what did you do when you are bored. This is about what do you do in order to take a break from freelancing. Although it might be pretty similar subject. EDIT: As long as you can play with words don’t chill man! :smiley:


While the idea of yoga is appealing, I live my life at 6,000 mph, so the thought of doing something so slowly doesn’t sit well with me. :frowning:


Oh, well, I do the same :smiley: #superficial_guy


You don’t take a break dear? :stuck_out_tongue:


A break?


I play games in my phone. I used to have so many hobbies like reading novels, trying to sing :joy:, collecting coins and what not. I don’t remember when all of these disappeared.


I just love to read novels :yum:


Well, everyone is different. I would say that’s the whole point of yoga though. It reminds you to slow down, since most of us live such fast-paced lives. But that’s my perspective, everyone has their own way to chill out and unwind :slight_smile:


It is so relaxing! :slight_smile: I don’t do any of that fancy contortionist yoga. I just do nice, slow-paced restorative. It feels so nice on my back! Child’s pose is my favorite way to stretch out my lower back. It feels incredible. Then downward dog and forward fold are great ways to stretch out the legs and hamstrings. That’s what I love most about yoga, how nice it feels on your body! :slight_smile:


Damn. You are making me feel bad because I haven’t joined a yoga class till now. :stuck_out_tongue:


You definitely don’t have to join a class to do yoga! :slight_smile: I’m kind of socially awkward, so I was self-conscious about going to a class with other people at first. There are a ton of youtube videos with yoga tutorials (yoga with Adrienne is my favorite) and there yoga videos on Itunes too.


Taking a break. That’s something I have to improve :sweat_smile:


If I send you shots from my room you’ll see that there is no place for yoga at all. :stuck_out_tongue:


I work as a video editor and I have to render videos all the time…so not sure if taking a break or working…BUT listening to some music on pauses is always great