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What do you do when a buyer abuses you even before you deliver the gig?

I have a situation where the buyer interacted with me prior to ordering a gig. He also followed the buyer instructions and submitted the info. Then I requested for further info which was essential to submit the order. He replied back with a big explanation which did not make any sense. Not only that, he doubted my credibility, used foul language and tempted me to finish the order to prove I was worth it!

  1. I refrained myself from exchanging abusive language (honestly I was p***d off)
  2. I still wanted to complete the order (not to prove I was worth it because I feel I spent quality time completing the order)
  3. I ended up with sending him a mutual cancelation request.

    Note - It’s great to have mutual cancellation and knowing it doesn’t affect the rating system any more but to use it for every difficult client is not the best approach according to me. So, if any of you had been / were in my situation, how differently would you tackle or resolve this situation?

I never had someone that abusive. Once had a guy who was a little abusive and I denied to take the order but I can completely understand the situation you are currently facing.

  1. You did great job by refraining yourself from exchanging abusive language. It is against fiverr’s ToS to do so and your client already violated ToS.
  2. If you already completed the order then deliver it and then wait for his reply.
  3. If you haven’t started the work yet then cancel the order and report to fiverr CS as well.

Sorry for your bad experience, I think you did the right thing. I would have cancelled as well ;).

I have zero tolerance policy with abusive customers.

If they are jesting with me and cursing that is fine (it’s the way some people are) but if the language is delivered with malicious intent then I’ll cancel the gig.

If they behave like that toward you whilst the gig is active, when it comes to reviewing you you’ll likely get the same so it just isn’t worth it.

Fortunately, 9.5/10 customers are great and it’s extremely rare you get someone who is just out to ruin your day :wink:

You did the right thing :-bd

WAs this part before or after the buyer made payment – “Then I requested for further info which was essential to submit the order. He replied back with a big explanation which did not make any sense.”

You used good judgement, Way to go.

Thanks everyone for your responses. Yes, @smork - You are right. Not all customers are like that! This was my first. @sincere18 - He already made the payment and provided partial info so I requested for more info.

I will tell you what was unique about this client. You all know that a basic gig starts with $5. There are some clients who will order 2 or 3 quantities of the same gig but will ask you to perform a job which is not covered in your gig guidelines. I never entertain those types whether they pay 2 or 3 times of the basic gig. In most cases, they turn out as scammers who will eventually ask for a cancellation or refund.