What do you do when a buyer doesn't purchase the gig extras?


OK so I have been burned a few times here and me as a nice bloke from the UK not wanting my rating tarnished just got on with the job.

A few times customer who have bought my standard gig wanted me to write their script, great I’m thinking and extra $5 ! But they then fail to order the gig extra and do not reply to your comments about ordering, me being me, I just do the darn job for not wanting a negative black mark against my name. What do you guys do and how do you deal with customers who are unresponsive when it comes to extras.

BTW this only reflects a small number of buyers to rest are really good and order above and beyond!




Reply to @oldbittygrandma: niceeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!


Me too just complete the job for not wanting a job cancelled or negative feedback against my name.


@oldbittygrandma Many thanks for your in depth answer ! :)>-