What do you do when a buyer won't pay for extras?


I’ve had this quite often! A buyer will ask for more than I offer for a simple $5, (for example they ask for two drawings when only paying for one), and I will return and let them know that it’s required that they pay for another extra to cover the work - but they don’t reply and then we’re stuck! Do I do the work anyway? Or do I persist?


You have to provide them only what your gig description promises. If it says you will give one drawing, then they have no right to ask for 2. :slight_smile: If a buyer is difficult, customer service can always give a solution.

Those drawings are SO GOOD O.O No wonder people try to get 2 instead of 1 lol.


Adsensewizard said it perfectly. :slight_smile:


The answer is simple. Just don’t give them the extras.


Okay! Thanks, guys!

…Now I just have to pick which of the siblings I prefer, ahaha!