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What do you do when customers sends you their email adress?

Connecting with fiverr customers outside of Fiverr is against Fiverr’s TOS. If you found them on Fiverr, you need to work with them on Fiverr. So no outside email addresses are allowed to be exchanged. I am aware of this and I have been very careful to follow all Fiverr’s TOS as I want to, someday, become a Top Seller.

Now, what happens when customers outright gives you their email? You didn’t ask for it, they just go and drop it right there on your inbox.

What do you do?

Do you just NOT respond?

Will Fiverr take it against you?

What will happen if for some luck you we’re being evaluated for Top Seller status right at that time?

We tell the buyer that it’s against Fiver’s ToS to communicate outside of Fiverr, but that we’d happily help them on here. Like @kjblynx said, their response really does dictate if we continue to work with them or not. Because we do run a business locally, we have had buyers on here find our local business page on Facebook and once we realize they’re from Fiverr, we tell them the same thing. We’ve actually had two people curse us out because we wouldn’t talk business with them outside of Fiverr lol.

I concur. Most people are perfectly fine after you explain the TOS stuff. Some get incredibly angry, others may persist using unique arguments such as “I will not work with you if you won’t work with me [to communicate elsewhere]”

I never quite got why that guy thought this was a compelling argument, especially for $5. It’s almost as if he thought he was making me an offer I couldn’t refuse (then did)!

Most people that do so are new and not aware of Fiverr’s rules, so I remind them of the rules. If it’s clearly intentional, like advertising/spam, then I tend to hit the report button instead.