What do you do when impression, clicks and views are down?


Hello there, I just noticed that my impression, clicks and views are getting down and I have been promoting my gig on social media platforms but it is not getting up.Any suggestion can be given in this regard
Please, I would appreciate if you give your valuable tips regarding my profile and gigs.
Many Thanks
Sagar Shaw


I’m sorry, but your gigs are all related to traffic, SEO, promotion etc.
Surely you should be telling people how to get exposure rather than asking for help however, my series of posts may help: https://forum.fiverr.com/search?q=upyour%20%40eoinfinnegan%20order%3Alikes



Hum, if I were to hire you to promote my ebooks, how would you do it?

Sometimes its easier to think of this from a 2nd party perspective, then follow through for yourself.

Disclaimer: Not hiring SEO. This was a hypothetical question aimed at helping OP.


I appreciate your word but I am unable to bring the rank my Gig on Fiverr. But I ma capable of ranking a website on the search engine.( i brought up 25 websites on the Google search engine) I am unable to bring the traffic to my gig but I am capable of bringing the traffic on your e-book by promoting .(I have already made a sale to my client) I hope, you will get my point.


Think of the steps you’d follow for your client than do it for yourself.

I’m not a SEO person, so am I missing something?

If potential buyers were reading this forum, they’d be asking the same question as I and others above.


I understand you are worried and it’s ok to post about that. I wish I had a good answer for you but lots of people are experiencing this I think due to the algorithm testing right now.
I’m sure things will improve once fiverr is finished it’s testing.

I’ve been using some simple seo methods on fiverr since I started here such as a keyword in a title but right now I’m not sure what is happening due to the testing.


Try updating your Tags (keywords) because Fiverr is starting to favor tags over titles.

Best of luck!


I’m not sure about that. I had more than 15 gigs live at one point on which I tested several different tags and tactics to increase my gig rankings, but nothing seemed to be working.

I think the primary ranking factor is revenue. More revenue = higher rankings.

And thinking from Fiverr’s perspective, that would make sense. I would want someone to rank on page 1 of my results who is already making money and delivering a good service to buyers. That way I know that he/she wouldn’t cheap buyers.

So the question is, how are we going to increase sales off Fiverr?

That’s what I’m trying to figure out.

I tried FB ads, Reddit ads, Google adwords, etc. And they all seem good options but they are not sustainable because of the low profit margin. Facebook groups seem like a good option but the lack of public groups is an issue. And most of the groups that people talk about posting in, are groups that you cannot find with a simple search. So I would say it’s a dead lock maybe. I might be wrong though.


I do mostly care about to get daily orders :sunglasses:


Same happened to me, I went from an order ever two days to not getting one in two months. Impressions have been at an all time low. :sweat: