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What Do You Do When Sales Are Slow

Since joining Fiverr a few months ago, I was getting frequent and consistent sales. This is the first time I’ve gone more than a week without sales. I try not to put myself down because of it and put my time into improving my gigs and putting time into other hobbies.

I was just wondering what sellers do during this time when sales are slow? Do you try to gain more skills? Improve your gigs? Put more time into another job?

I’ve been updating my gigs, changing my gig thumbnails and trying to promote onto other sites? Would love to know what everyone else does!


After publish a gig successful and then you get some sales but when you edit that gig you can also lost your gig rank. So before publish a new gig make sure that everything is OK. Also always try to make your gig image more attractive and if you can try to added a video on your gig it will make more engage your gig.

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The algorithm gets funny at times. If you have done everything right, the next thing is to wait. Things will get back to normal shortly.

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this is normal to me now because every year around July - October sales are slower not sure how it works for others

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