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What do you do when someone leaves negative feedback without telling you there's a problem?

I must admit I try my very hardest to satisfy everyone but sometimes it becomes quite difficult. I always clearly state everything on my gigs and possible outcomes. To cut a long story short I recently received negative feedback and have been trying to contact the buyer for weeks to see if he/she needs further clarification or wants me to try something different on his website,yet I cannot get a reply, he/she is regularly active completing orders but doesn’t seem to want to reply. I was wondering what you personally would do, would you let it slide? Or continue to try your hardest to identify the problem? Thanks

Post a comment when you publish explain the negative feedback this is essential

I have found these people who BASH wont settle and will turn into settlement leeches - I mean I strive 120% to correct mistakes before they happen - but fo rthose who INSTAL BASH on completion or delivery there is nothing to do but PUBLISH AN EXPLANATION

Unfortunately, you can’t please everyone. It seems you’ve done all you can to effectively communicate with the buyer although the buyer has chosen not to respond. You could publish an explanation as charleytakaya suggested but please remember the majority of feedback is what potential buyers really take into consideration. Your overall seller reputation shouldn’t be hampered much by the occasional troll as long as your work demonstrates excellent quality, overall positive feedback, and clear gig description. Besides, personally I would think something fishy is going on if someone had a 100% seller rating all the time. “If it looks too good to be true, it usually is.” I would imagine those sellers that do are the ones that complain to Fiverr to remove the feedback every time a dispute arises or perhaps attempt to cut a deal with the negative seller.

Leave a POSITVE rating in reply to theirs if you cant get them to remove it explaining something along the lines of “I’m sorry you feel this way, I have attempted to resolve, re-doing, offering a refund, offering you a free gig” etc don’t quote me on the above thats up to you, I wouldn’t retaliate and leave a negative in return tho. But like support would say keep trying to get in touch with the buyer / seller

Theres a great resource from Natalie one of the Fiverr community managers :


Reply to @oldbittygrandma: Or even leave a positive feedback!hahah.

If their negative rating was undeserved (which it was if he didn’t ask for any improvements) then fiverr staff will understand. :slight_smile:

Yeah thanks for that everyone, have tried contacting fiverr support n the past but they seem to want me to wait a few weeks to give them ample time to reply, it does get a little annoying when people leave their review but don’t give you the opportunity to resolve the matter, I guess I’ll have to keep trying :slight_smile:

As a buyer I read positive and negative reviews. Expecting perfection is crazy. The negative review can give a buyer an idea of what could go wrong with a gig. The good reviews give us an idea of the overall experience that people have had with the seller. Don’t feel bad if all of your reviews are not 5 star. It’s not a reflection on you but a reflection of that persons current experience. I tend to gravitate towards reviews that include the good, the bad and the ugly. Just as I do not totally trust a website filled with only positive reviews. If they will not respond to you forget them and move on. The bad reviews are balanced by the good ones. It’s part of doing business. We all learn from it.

This is from 2013. The seller now has over 4000 reviews.