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What do you do when someone wants you to add their audiojungle music to a video?

I know you had to purchase the pack as well because you used one of the composition in your youtube livestream some days ago.

By the way I liked it.


Yes, that’s precisely why I bought it for. My YT streams are my single end product.

If I choose to make a new product and want to re-use the same package for consistency, then I will re-purchase said package.

Glad you joined us on the stream, hope to see you on the next one as well.

Maybe I should do one for licensing/legal stuff? NDAs, copyrights?


btw @blavaro now that you understand, there’s no excuse for not doing one of the following:

A) pricing your gig accordingly, so that you can make a profit each time you spend $40 dollars on a new license
B) take down your gig altogether.

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I appretiate your advise. Done.

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Yes that would be a good idea. As well as how to best handle things like this and avoid issues.
As well as other topics choosing the best/optimal gigs for sellers and their setup.

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Maybe find a career coach who can give you some aptitude tests like they give freshman college students for that.

There are lots of free online job aptitude tests you can take.

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I will create a new thread re: stream #003 I will be sure to include the legal talk option there so people who want to learn about that stuff can vote on it.

@blavaro kudos to you for being a legit seller on Fiverr. I think this is a sustainable model, and your higher price point will not deter you. If I were you I would use it in my description as a selling point: you are actually issuing a unique and 100% legal license with each purchase. then upon delivery, send them the pdf generated by envato. boom! you are now miles apart from 95% of sellers in your category, selling torrented templates.

Bet on the fact that your clients will want to rest easy and pay $75 vs paying $5 and getting sued. :slight_smile:

P.S. Please repeat the process for ALL your template based gigs. :wink:


love the parcs n rec thumbnail!

@uk1000 One of the modules in my private mentoring group is for someone to find that sweet-sweet gig they can do and be great at it.

Not doing a shameless plug, just saying that it’s something that needs more than 2 hours of you listening to me talk about it, there are several steps to take and it takes time to get there.


@frank_d I like how you’ve identified a need and found a way to fill that need. So many new sellers flounder around not knowing what kind of gigs to make.

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It’s literally the one thing I do consistently here on Fiverr, and honestly probably what got me to where I am.